Why choose an electric shaver over regular shaver?

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For decades, electric shavers have been the secret of men’s good condition. Women’s fantasy is that multi-blade, extra grip; pink shavers with soap bars can provide perfect shaving results, affecting women’s use of expensive shavers. As we all know, many women have switched to men’s shavers for tighter shaves while avoiding the pink tax.

Nothing can provide a smoother, more satisfying shave like an electric shaver when it comes to clean shaving. But what happens when you want to perform a smooth, tight shave on other parts of the body?

What are the benefits of an Electric Shaver?

Switching to a plastic-free electric shaver can bring many benefits to your skin, environment and wallet. Fortunately, the Skull shaver ensures that anyone can get a perfect shave, no matter which part of the body is shaved.

Gloom your Skin

From shaving legs to bikini areas, electric shavers are better than blade shavers every time. It also helps to reduce those nasty shaver bumps and ingrown hair.

How about it? Because different from the multi-blade shaver, the electric shaver uses a double-edged blade that does not drag. The weight of the electric shaver handle allows it to slide smoothly on the skin. Using a single blade and changing the blade regularly, instead of using several old blade holders at once, means a more clean shaving.

Of course, in the long run, you can also save on expensive disposable items. As people realize that single blade = better shave, women worldwide are blogging about how to use electric shavers on the legs, armpits and private areas.


Historically, using an electric shaver has brought some learning curve, but it no longer exists. The skull shaver is fully adjustable and is the only best electric shaver for women with a “beginner setting”, making the shaver impossible to cut oneself, thus eliminating the learning curve for beginners and a massive obstacle that many women worry.

If you want clean, silky smooth legs, nothing is closer and safer than a shaver. Many women (and men) have never used an electric shaver before seeing the exposed blade and are immediately scared. It would help if you were extra careful when using traditional electric shavers, but as long as you don’t “press and drag” like a blade shaver, the scratches’ risk is minimal. Fortunately, the skull shaver is the best shaver in India allows you to adjust the blade’s exposure, so you can start with an ultra-gentle setting, and shave with peace of mind without cutting you.

To eliminate the risk of scratches and cuts, we recommend investing in an adjustable skull shaver. By allowing you to change the blade’s exposure and stick to a smaller size setting, you will risk confusion.

Once you finish your first shave and discover how amazing your legs and bikini area feel, you will wonder why you didn’t switch faster! Also you realize that the price of skull shaver is comparable to the cost of other shavers, you will save hundreds of dollars each year.

Shaving is a personal experience. It is one of your most personal body care activities. It should be time to enjoy the hot steam for the skin and the warm water for the bath. Why should you worry? With an electric shaver, you will rediscover your love for yourself when the handle slides across the skin.

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