Top Dishes to try in Rajasthan on winter

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The taste of Rajasthani food speaks on the head of every person. The people of Rajasthan often eat spicy food and the sweets here are also very different, so people like the taste here.

We are going to tell you about the wonderful food of colorful Rajasthan so that next time whenever you go to Rajasthan, you will definitely remember the food of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Kadhi

Kadhi is one of the famous food in Rajasthan as well as all over India but if you want to taste the real taste of Kadhi then you cannot get it anywhere other than Rajasthan. People go to eat it in the Restaurants in Ajmer. Kadhi of Rajasthan is a combination of pungent and pungent taste made from gram flour pakoras, buttermilk, gram flour and ghee..

and Kadhi is a traditional food of Rajasthan, which is very much liked by the local people as well as Indian and foreign tourists. Although we all know about many types of Kadhi like – Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttarakhand – but Rajasthan’s Kadhi is different from all these. It is spicy and spicy, which is eaten with rice.

millet bread

Bajra roti is made from millet flour, it is rolled with hands and baked on low flame. Bajri roti is served with garlic and onion chutney. You will love this traditional food of Rajasthani people.

Dal-Bati Churma-

Baati is made by mixing flour, semolina, milk, salt and ghee. Deep fried baati is served with spicy dal and sweet churma.

Aam ki Launji 

Mango Launji is one of the famous food of Rajasthan which is cooked in the summer season to beat the scorching heat. and  launji prepared from raw mango, fennel and sugar is a sour mitti test that is served with a thali. Mango launji serves as an extra test in the famous Rajasthani cuisine which can be eaten with any vegetable, roti or puri.


Ghevar . Chappan is a famous dish under Bhog. It is a crispy and sweet dish made of maida, which looks like a beehive. Ghevar is considered a special sweet of Sawan. Although now the demand for Ghevar has decreased somewhat in front of other sweets, still today some people give importance to Ghevar only. The tradition of giving Sindara to sisters and daughters on the occasion of Teej in Sawan is very old, no matter how many other sweets are kept in it, but it is necessary to have Ghevar. Therefore, it is not possible to break the dominance of Ghevar, a traditional sweet made at a particular time of the year, even though its popularity may show some gulf in the face of modern sweets

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is one of the famous food of Rajasthan, which is quite popular in desert districts including Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Jodhpur. This dish is made by frying beans and berries with spices. It is not that attractive in appearance, but its taste compels you to lick fingers, which is eaten with Rajasthan’s famous Bajra roti.

Churma Laddu

No Rajasthani festival is complete without Churma Ladoo. These churma laddus are eaten after dal-baati, and they are so delicious that you cannot stop yourself from eating them.

gatte ki sabji

Besan ke gatta sabzi is served as a popular dish in Rajasthan. Various types of Gatte curry are prepared like Shahi Gatte, Govind Gatte etc. Which is served with roti and rice.

This is the food of Rajasthan – Apart from this, Mohan meat and red meat of Rajasthan are considered very tasty for non-vegetarian people. RestaurantsIn Pushkar , you will find more non-vegetarian eaters. Rajasthani Kadhi, Panchmel Ki Sabzi, Gajak, Sev Bhujia, Pickle, Kadhi Kachori, Milk Cake, Gulab Jamun and Khichdi Kadhi are also very popular. Try these delicious delicacies whenever you visit Rajasthan.


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