Top 5 Rarest Baseball Trading Pins

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Top 5 Rarest Baseball Trading Pins

Pin traders are always looking for rare and valuable baseball pins for collection. If you are just starting to build your own collection and want to learn more about which pins are valuable and rare, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you all the information about the most valuable five baseball trading pins.

If you are looking for Cooperstown rare pins, you can get the most valuable pins from us.


1. Jackie Robinson Rookie Pin

One of the most valuable baseball trade pins of all time is also a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion. At the age of fifteen in April 1947, the famous baseball player Jackie Robinson played his first game with Brooklyn Dodgers. He is the first black player ever to set foot in a major league baseball game. He was only 28 years old.

On the court, he faced abuse and racial discrimination, but was still named this year’s rookie, and then became the most valuable player in 1949. He will later become the highest paid player among the other players on the Dodgers. He retired in 1956. And that pin in 1947 is one of the most valuable pins today. Typically, you’ll need to pay $ 1,500 or more for this pin.

2. A 1912 Press Pin

If you are interested in the news pin, then you may already know the pin of the legendary 1912.  There are many different things that make this pin so special. First, the Fenwei Stadium was established in 1912. In addition, Boston Red Socks and Giants faced in a word series. In fact, it is such a valuable pin, you can buy it at auctions.

3. Lou Gehrig’s 1933 Cracker Jack Pin

Especially if you have children, it is hard to imagine participating in a baseball game that does not include everyone’sfavorite snack-Cracker Jacks. Cracker Jack is often included in their famous snack box with a dedicated collector’s pin. One of the most popular is lougehrig’s PIN. Although these pins do not always present the best when they propose to auction, they are still one of the most valuable baseball pins.

4. The 1956 Topps Pin

TOPPS has long been seen as one of the most successful makers of baseball trading cards in history. In 1956, the company actually stopped making cards. Instead, they decided to see what happens when they focus on making the pins. They made a total of 60 stitches. Some of the most popular players include Jien Robinson and Willy Mes. The entire 60 pins have sold for more than $10,000.

5. A 1927 Press Pin

In the final entry listed in our most valuable baseball pin, is fromthe most coveted world series. In this series, the New York Yankees took over the Pittsburgh Piratesand the reputation did not completely fall into the favor of the Pirates. In fact, the Yankees completely sweep the Pirates with a 4-0 advantage. This was the first time an American league team made nationwide. So it must be consolidated in baseball history. Baseball legends Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth both participated in the game making the 1927 press pin a rare and valuable pin.

These are the rarest and the most valuable baseball trading pins. If you want to know more about Cooperstown rare pins, you can always connect with us.

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