Top 5 Python Libraries to Learn in 2021

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Top 5 Python Libraries to Learn in 2021

Well, we all know that Python is the most widely used and most reliable programming language which is commonly used by all the programmers across the globe. Not only this but python has replaced many programming languages already within the industries.

Talking about the python programming language, well there are many valid points by which we can say why python programming language is the most popular programming language within all the programmers, and they are: –

  1. Python has a huge collection of libraries.
  2. Portability is another reason why Python is most popular.
  3. Python Programming syntax is very easy to learn and also of high level when it comes to other programming languages like C, C++ and Java.
  4. Be it developing or maintaining or deploying, Python programming language wants its developer to be very creative.

In the long run, Python has been competing with R programming language for the title of the main language. And has won the competition currently because the number of steadily grows and also their quality improves.

This is the reason why all the programmers prefer to use this language. Another reason for winning is that it’s easy to find a python programmer than any developer using R language. 

Best Python Machine Learning Libraries

According to all the developers, python is the best Programming language among all the programming languages that are present in today’s time because it is simple, easy to learn, and most efficient well as it is trending today. Along with the rise of Big Data Hadoop and Artificial Intelligence, python’s popularity also has developed to grow within the world of data related development. 

Tensor Flow

Tensor flow is the most popular and commonly used term between developers. If you are currently working on python you will be very much familiar with this term. Basically, the Tensor flow was developed by Google along with the collaboration with the brain team that is the reason Tensor flow is applicable in every application of google machine learning. 

Tensor flow works like a computational library for the writing of new algorithms which involves large numbers of tensor operations. 

The features of Tensor flow are: – 

  1. Easy Trainable. 
  2. Open-source.
  3. Large Community. 
  4. Flexible.
  5. Parallel Neural Network Training.



Orange3 software package involves machine learning  Data Visualization and Data Mining, then a year later all the specialist started to apply for the python module and widgets and then it becomes more actively to develop more elaborate modules with much more ease.

The top features that make the orange3 qualify for the top are: –

  1. Widget based structure: – Widget basically includes different functionalities for a different purpose, along with focusing on data visualization task, they also help the developer to predict the accurate Machine learning models which help all the business owners to predict the precise business forecast for their business and organisations.
  2. Easy to learn: –  Orange3 has been delivered in many schools, universities and colleges because it is very easy to learn and easy to understand also. Many specialists choose this library to deliver machine learning-powered qualified solution to clients.

What is Scikit-learn

 Scikit is nothing but a python library that is associated with Numpy and Scipy, It is the best and most efficient library to work on with all the complex data.

Though there are many modifications that are being made to this library and one of the modifications that are being made is cross-validation. Now it is provided to make more than one metric. Many training methods like logistic regressions and nearest neighbours has also received some improvements.

Features of Scikit-learn are: –

  1. Cross-Validation 
  2. Unsupervised learning algorithms.
  3. Feature extraction.

Where are we using Scikit-learn: –  Scikit learning involves vast numbers of algorithms for implementing standard machine learnings and data mining tasks like Reducing, Clustering, Classifications and Model sections.

What is Light GMB: –  Gradient boosting is one of the most used and most efficient machine learning library, by which developers can build the new algorithms by using the redefined elementary models, and for this reason, there are special libraries which are available for fast and efficient implementations of this method. And the name of the libraries is LightGMB, XGBoost and CatBoost. These are the names of the competitors which helps in solving all the problems and also can be utilized in almost every manner.

Features of LightGMB:-

  1. Faster Training than many other deep learning libraries.
  2. Intuitive, hence it makes it easier.
  3. Very fast computation ensure high production efficiency.

Applications of LightGMB

LightGMB provides very well Scalable, Optimized, and fast implementation of various gradient boosting which makes it more popular among all the developers. This is because most of the machine learning full stake developers and won the competitions using this algorithm, and this is the reason why it has gained his name so much between all the developers.

What is Pytorch

Pytorch is one of the largest and most commonly used machine learning library, which allows the developers to perform the tensor computation with its acceleration of GPU. Pytorch also creates a dynamic computational graph along with calculations of gradients automatically. Pytorch also offers rich APIs for solving the application issues which is related to neural networks.

Machine learning is basically based on the torch which is an open-source machine library that is provided in C with a wrapper in LUA.

This machine learning library was introduced in the year 2017 and after the inventions. It is rapidly increasing its popularity and attractions and also increasing the number of machine learning developers also.

Features of Pytorch are:-

  1. Python first.
  2. Libraries and tools.

Applications of Pytorch

It is basically used in the application of natural language processing. 

And it is also primarily developed by facebook’s artificial intelligence research group along with uber’s “pyro” software. The probabilistic programming is built on it, which makes this library more attractive and easy to use among all the developers.


So these are the Top 5 Python libraries that are needed to be learned in 2021 because these python libraries have ranked themselves in a great place in this market full of competitions. Not only this bus also these machine learning libraries are very well known and very easy to use and learn between the developers those who are already in this field they can very easily relate to these points, and for those who are beginners for them. If they start learning seriously and efficiently they will be getting a great career ahead in the upcoming days coz in the coming day’s machine learning and artificial intelligence is going to take a mass place. 

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