Tips to Canon MX490 Wireless Setup

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Technological advancement has brought in many devices. It has been known to make things easy to use. They have solved many problems of the users. The printer is also one of those devices that have gone through these changes. Due to this, this device has brought in the working of many machines, into one device. This device is compact. It doesn’t require any special knowledge to use. But certain basics are essential to learning. The Canon MX490 Wireless Setup process, is that essential thing to learn, for using the device.
The components of the new device, you might have ordered or bought
It is very essential to understand the components. This will help in easing the further process of The Canon MX490 Wireless Setup.
The device will come in a box package. Within the box, the first thing will be an instruction paper. There will also be a small box within it. This box will contain the initial ink for the device. It will also contain a cord, that will connect the device to the power. Furthermore, it will have a cable, that can be used for fax. Within the main box, the device will be available. It will be within a material for protection. Remove the device from the material. It will also have an attached pouch that can help you with adding the software to your system.
Initial Process for Beginners
If you have purchased, such a device, for the first time. Here’s a guide for the Initial Process. It will contain some basic things. But these things are very important for the functioning of the device. This is something the user must do before connecting anything.
1. Connect the cord to the device and power board. The cord is one of the components available in the small box. It must be connected to the device from the slot, which is at its back. Now, plug it in the power board.
2. Press the power button.
3. The screen of the device will provide some instructions. Mostly basic things like Language. Use the keys below the screen to do the setting.
4. If you have removed the tapes of your device, you might have opened the main flap. Within that, by pulling another flap, you will get two slots. Add the ink available in a small box, here. Push it within the slots.
5. Close the internal flap. The external flap will have a slot to enter the paper. Add some paper to them. Adjust it properly.
The process for connecting the device wirelessly
For doing the Canon MX490 Wireless Setup, the user must have a Wi-Fi Router. This device must also contain a WPS connection. This connection will help the user to build a secured connection between the device and Wi-Fi. You can further connect this router to any system, for usage.
Step 1: Within the device, you will find a small screen. This will help you in providing the information. Beneath the screen, there are many buttons. There is a button with an icon having two hardware tools. Press this button.
Step 2: Pressing this button will open up various options. The initial option will be ‘Wireless LAN Setup’. Select the option by pressing the ‘OK button. This button will also be available right below the screen.
Step 3: there will be an instruction on the screen. This instruction is about your Wi-Fi. It will contain a WPS button within it. Press the button for a while.
Step 4: Press the ‘OK’ button for a while for connecting the device.
Step 5: The Router’s name will appear on the screen. Selecting it by pressing ‘OK’ will activate it.
Step 6: There is a button, which has an icon of one paper over another, on it. Select the button.
Connecting the device through the application
For the users who don’t have the WPS connection, it is not possible to follow the previous procedure. Thus, a new process is provided to you, to do the Canon MX490 Wireless Setup. You can do this process by using any of the systems. This makes the process more flexible.
Step 1: Press the ‘Settings’ button within your device. An option will appear on the screen. Press the ‘OK’ button to select it.
Step 2: In the buttons available below, the screen, there will be a red color button. It is the stop button. Select it.
Step 3: Again, an option will appear on the screen. Use the two buttons, right below the screen, having arrow icons within them. Pressing this button will help you to go to the option ‘Other Setup’ Select the option by pressing ‘OK’.
Step 4: Here, use the same method as above for selecting ‘Cableless Setup’.
Step 5: Download and Install the company’s application for connecting the device to your system. There are two ways of doing it. One of them is through the disk given by their company. The second option is the browser. You can search for the application in it. Download and install the application according to your operating system.
Step 6: Once you open the application, you will find certain instructions given in it. Do the instructions. It will lead you to connect your device. Then you can use the device according to their choice.
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