Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Delhi First Time

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If you are visiting India, chances are your flight will land in Delhi. It is a massive city that can embarrass anyone unfamiliar with it. It is divided into 6 main zones – North Delhi, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, Central Delhi, and Old Delhi. It has an interesting history – it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, which is evident in many attractions around the city. I will not talk about the history of Delhi and the popular attractions. I have a detailed guide to Delhi where you can find all this information and details about amazing places to visit in Delhi. Instead, this post contains some important tips for traveling in Delhi and should be read before visiting the city. Please do not believe everything you read on the web. I have lived in Delhi for many years and some so-called ‘facts’ about the city just make me laugh. This is the first post about travel tips for Delhi in the ‘Guide’. Here is a list of top 3 things to keep in mind while visiting Delhi first time –

When to Visit Delhi

Visit Delhi in February, March, October, and November. Delhi has unbearable summers and foggy winters, so please avoid those seasons. Although rains in Delhi are unpredictable, they usually go around July and August. Delhi really looks beautiful when it rains, but the already slow traffic stops. Only in February, March, October, and November when you will need a cool drive to look at the city’s monuments.

Language in Delhi

In most parts of Delhi, you will not face a language barrier. Hindi is the most common language in Delhi, but most of the locals speak really good English. Even if you meet a person who does not speak English, he will surely understand such basic words as ‘NO’, so please forgive, sorry, goodbye, and thank you. Learning a few words and phrases in Hindi will definitely be an added benefit. Here are some of the most commonly used words you listen to while you are on your Delhi sightseeing tour.

Bhaiya – It means elder brother and is commonly used in Delhi to be friendly to older men. One can also use the Hindi word ‘Bhai’ as ‘Bro’.

Didi – It means sister, usually the eldest. It is often used in Delhi when referring to an elderly woman.

‘Kitney Ka Hai’ – It means ‘How Much it Costs’, and learning this will help you in case you decide anything at a local store.

‘Kaise Hain App’ – This is one of the polite ways to ask ‘How Are You’.

‘Mai Thik Hu’ – It’s a gender-neutral way to say, I am fine.

Dhanyavaad or Shukriya – Both mean ‘Thank You’. In fact, you don’t have to remember this, because ‘Thank You’ or ‘Thank You’ is more common in Delhi than in Hindi.

Thanda – This means cold. This word will certainly be useful when you need to buy cold water or drinks.

Garam – means hot.

Delhi Is Very Crowded

Get used to the crowds, because Delhi is one of the most populous cities in India. The people of Delhi are called Delhiites. This has melted many different cultures due to the strong influx of migrants from all over the country. In this city, you can experience many different cultures from all over India with Delhi tour packages.

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