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The unknown agenda of online study – The complete guide

The unknown agenda of online study – The complete guide 

The number of Internet users is increasing day by day, due to which everything has started happening online. In such a situation, studies will start happening online. In this article, we are going to tell you how to study online.

As you know at this time the whole world is battling the coronavirus, due to which schools, colleges, universities, etc. are closed in many other countries including India. Due to which, it has a direct impact on student’s studies. 

In such a situation, all the students are staying at their respective homes. If no one is found to guide their study, then in such a difficult situation, only one way is made, through online study, you can study something new according to your syllabus. We will tell you many ways through which you can study online.

What is online study?

The full name of e-learning is electric learning. That is, studying about any subject through the Internet using mobile, computer and doing research on a particular subject is called e-learning. Which is also called online study i.e. online study in ordinary language.

Using this technique, anyone can study about anything from any place through their mobile, computer, laptop, etc. by giving free money and through other online studies. In such a study, live study is similar to offline classroom, but all students study online by taking part in it from different places.

If seen, in the online study, you can ask any question to the teacher according to your syllabus, while on the other hand, there are also many students who have to face difficulty in asking questions from their teacher or they feel ashamed, so that they He is not able to ask any question to the teacher.

How to study online –

When you also think that I want to read and learn the most different thing, apart from your class teacher, study online then you can do this. This thinking of yours will make you more fast and enlightened than others. There are a lot of such online institutes where you can do online padhai.

We are going to tell you many such ways, with the help of which you can study online. Now you have to first decide which subject you want to study, according to which you can continue your studies online.

How to study from Online institute?

We have also mentioned about the online institute above. There are a lot of colleges or institutions that provide different types of study material on a website for students from all over the world. From where everyone can study online.

All these institutes also give you a digital certificate after the course is completed, which proves that you have understood the things mentioned in that course and you have learned it. There are many such websites for IT field students from where they can study online.

We are going to give you an example of some such online institutes from where you can start online education by creating your account. Some institutes ask for money for doing some courses, while some institutes allow you to do all courses free of charge. You can choose one according to you.

Online Institute for Computer Students

If you are a computer student and you also want to start your studies online, then there are many websites for you from where you can study online. A computer student has to have knowledge of many programming languages which is known to be successful only by doing its practical.

We want to give you an example of many such websites from where you can learn different types of programming languages. The following is an example.

Make use of YouTube –

Youtube is not only the world’s largest video search engine but it is also a repository of knowledge. There are many such YouTube channels from where you can take pre-made tutorials or live classes without paying. Many teachers do research all day for your help and share it with you. If you don’t know about this then only you are lacking behind.

When you get all this for free, do not let it go. We give you examples of many YouTube channels from where you can study online. Name of YouTube channel for online education below.

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Facebook academy

You use it to share your photo on facebook, but you can also help it in your studies. There are many such facebook pages, groups which provide you different types of study material through facebook for free.

All this page and group works differently. Whoever has an agenda, does so. What you have to do is that you search the name according to your syllabus and many such Facebook pages and groups will come in front of you, through which you can study.

Apart from this, you can also live class through facebook video, just you have to like such a page which is your syllabus or what you want to read.

Study through pdf

PDF (Portable Document Format) plays a very important role in e-learning, as any text is released only through a PDF file. There are many such websites on the Internet from where you can download PDFs for free, which you want to do.

Just like if you want a BioChemical chapter online then you have to search by typing BioChemical chapter PDF Download in Google. After that many such websites will come in front of you, from where you can download it for free and study from your mobile, computer only.

If you have become addicted to using mobile, then in order to study these problems through PDF, download the ebook and study it through it, then the mind of studying will also remain and our studies will also continue.

PDF is a very good medium to study through mobile and students should download and study through various subjects and save their time.

Study with mobile app

There are a lot of mobile applications that can be studied by downloading from the Google Play Store. It not only saves your time while also giving more education than an offline class. Here we are giving you an example of some mobile apps that you can study online.

Wikipedia – People know about the Wikipedia website but they also have an App which is very good and very quick, it helps in knowing your project, research, and many things.

Vocab – This is also a kind of dictionary, but it also shows the photo of your searched word along with the words and its details are also visible in this app. This is only English App

Kingsoft Office – Kingsoft Office works just like MS Office in Windows. If you want to edit any file, make PPT or open PDF etc., then this app can do a lot of work for you.

Free Ebook Downloader – This app allows you to have free books. Through this application you can download the book of your choice, just the condition is that the book should be present in the library of this app. Apart from this, there are many books in it that you must read

Google Translator – This application does the work of converting words from one language to another language, which is very beneficial for students because it has almost all the languages of the word that can be written.

Discovery News – This app is very amazing for science students. In this, along with the discovery news updates, videos can also be seen.

Duolingo – This application is very good for learning international language i.e. if you know English language then this app can teach you and other languages step by step.

Google Keep – Google Keep is a note application. If you have to note some important things in your diary, then this app can do that job very well and can remind you like an alarm when the time comes.

NewsApp – Students or Android users must keep anyone or two news applications in their phone, then in which language or which channel or which newspaper, it depends on the particular person.

Mathsway – Students or people who have to deal with the book i.e. math subject daily, must keep this app in their phone. This app will tell you the answer to your math question and you can also see the answer to that question step by step.

CamScanner – With the help of this app, you can scan your documents and photos. That is, if you have to fill the online form, then for this you will not have to pay money and scan the documents.

Last words

If you think that this information should be shared with everyone, then you must share it on Social Media Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Thank you very much to all of you for reading this article from beginning to end…

For More information you can see our other posts also do visit Studylife – Guide.


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