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Inside India’s Largest Streaming Service

STARTS ON:January 17, 2021 5:00 PM

ENDS ON:January 17, 2021 8:00 PM



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What is Scaler Academy?

Are you a tech professional who wants to accelerate their career? This is a program for engineers to master Problem Solving & System Design and to take your learning to the next level

  • Structured, industry vetted curriculum
  • Live classes by faculty who have been there, done that
  • Practical experience through real-life projects
  • Regular 1:1 mentorship from industry veterans
  • Career support via a dedicated recruitment team, alumni network, etc.
  • Aspirational peer group of 2,000+ Scaler students & alumni

The curriculum is designed to make you a solid engineer. Find out more about us at!

Details Of This Session

Do you ever wonder how online streaming platforms host massive large scale events such as a world cup final? The amount of work that goes behind building such an infrastructure is massive and if you are someone who is interested in getting an inside knowhow, you are in the right place!

About the Instructor: [LinkedIn]

Mohit Yadav, now Member of Technical Staff at Nutanix, once helped India’s largest streaming service build its data platform.

That’s not all! At Nutanix, he was responsible for building the infra to ingest data at 1TB/s. This is your chance to learn directly from him for free, as he takes you on a learning journey through a three-hour-long Masterclass.

Through this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to handle spiky traffic on your website
  • Ways to design a data pipeline from scratch

Come, join us on Sunday at 5pm for a learning experience to remember.

Note – This Masterclass is only for working professionals with at least 6 months of work experience.


  • All attendees get certificates from Anshuman Singh and Scaler Academy!
  • Please be careful while entering your details while registering since they will go on your certificate.

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