Problem of Slow Internet

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The internet is essential for business. It permits companies to access powerful specialized tools, run eCommerce websites, and search for data. That’s the reason being disconnected from the internet for even a minute can cause serious problems. 


Internet user development accelerated in the previous year with more than 366 million new users. People go online first to discover solutions to their questions and get data on businesses and associations that pique their interests or can answer their needs. So if your organization has a sluggish internet connection, both your productivity and primary concern takes a huge hit. 


Here are six different ways having a lethargic internet connection can hurt your business. 


Lowers Workforce Morale 


The success of an organization hinges upon the excellent performance of its employees. Unreliable and slow connections mean employees are unable to perform their errands and communicate with clients. These issues eventually affect employee morale and result in lower productivity and efficiency. In case management is unable to provide them with the necessary tools to take care of their job, companies experience higher turnover rates and should spend more resources to discover replacements. 


Increases Stress 


When you see your deliverables and stir pile up due to helpless internet connection, your stress level rises alongside it, as well. Workplace stress is a significant supporter of mental health issues. At whatever week, 5,000 Canadians’ phones are wiped out due to some degree of mental health issue or illness. Companies should shoulder higher expenses of wiped out leave, short-and long haul incapacity, and workers’ compensation claims, which will all go into more added expenses. 


Operational Failure 


Employees need the internet to do research, send emails, and access the cloud-based applications they need to manage their responsibilities. Without an internet connection, however, users will not be able to do any of this, making operations stop. Worse still, your organization will hemorrhage money every second your workers are idle because they don’t have access to strategic tools. 


VoIP Slack 


Most Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services require somewhere around a 256 kbps internet speed for quality video chatting. The lucidity of VoIP phone calls depends on a solid and stable internet connection. Otherwise, it might lead to an echo during the call. This can be unpleasant and will not leave a very decent impression on your clients or potential business partners. 


Lost Revenue 


No business needs to lose money just because of a sluggish internet connection. An eCommerce site, for example, can be greatly affected by helpless internet. Slower page response time results in page abandonment; 47% of consumers will just trust that a web page will stack before they leave. Any delay affects a customer’s experience and they will normally pick to go to an organization with better and faster service. What’s more, Google positions slow and more unresponsive eCommerce sites lower in the search results, leading to decreased web traffic and reach. 


Slow internet connection is unacceptable 


Quick internet connection is available. Indeed, Canada has the seventeenth fastest fixed broadband service at 86.92 Mbps and before the end of 2021, it is expected that 90% of Canadian homes and businesses will have access to broadband speeds of something like 50 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for transfers. Until these great strides in better and faster internet accessibility happen, there are steps you can do to keep away from the inconveniences of slow internet connection: 


  • Optimize your data transfer capacity by restricting the use of network-intensive activities like video streaming and social media perusing.

  • Use data transfer capacity management software to ensure crucial undertakings like voice calls, cloud apps, and video conferences get sufficient network resources.

  • Run big updates and establishments outside of office hours.

  • Implement web filtering and interruption prevention systems to steer clear of threats that potentially affect network performance.

  • Set up routers, switches, and wireless access focuses in ideal areas to get the most extreme internet coverage.

  • Screen your network for any anomalies that cause serious drops in internet speed. 

In the event that these solutions seem too tedious and complicated, the smartest move is to get a reliable managed IT services provider (MSP) who can screen, keep up with, and optimize your network. They can help your business keep away from downtime because they can spot problems quickly and follow up on them efficiently. offers state of the art network solutions to make sure the result of internet speed test is continually lighting quick.

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