List of things banned by Indian Government

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Hi, hope you are doing well in life, here is a list of the top 4 things that the Indian government has strictly banned in India.

1. Online Satta games: There are several online games in India that are dangerous to play, one example is Milan Satta Matka. These dangerous online games include the high risk that has the potential to make you poor and bring you to the streets, so guys it’s important, for you to know about these games and do not play theme please, they are illegal to play first of all, and they are dangerous.

2. Littering: Having zero city sense is a socially satisfactory standard in India. Dump trash in the city or in the stream and no one will flutter an eyelid. As a general rule, the absence of legitimate garbage removal is perhaps the greatest issue influencing the country. While individuals across the globe have observed this issue, which is really the greatest issue of urbanization, Indian specialists rush to look for someone else to take the blame while evading duties. 

3. Public pee: It isn’t strange in India to spot individuals peeing on the dividers, trees, and by the roadside. Regardless of the public authority pushing efforts like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the propensity for peeing any place advantageous won’t bite the dust in the country. The absence of public latrines and restricted metro sense is one of the significant reasons why public pee is wild in the country. Despite the fact that drafting stricter laws that rebuff those found peeing in broad daylight could truly help. 

4. Creature Cruelty: In all honesty, the punishment for slaughtering or tormenting a creature in India is not exactly the cost of a film ticket. Try not to be stunned! According to The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960, an individual who torments a creature can move away by only paying a fine between Rs 10 and Rs 50. Also, in the event that you rehash the offense within three years, you may simply need to shed somewhere close to Rs 25 and Rs 100. It’s about time that we put a prohibition on creature brutality and give the voiceless the regard they merit.

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