List of Super Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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Super Essential Keyboard Shortcuts


1 Alt Press and release the ALT key to display the Key Tips next to each Ribbon command
2 Ctrl C ; Ctrl X ; Ctrl V Copy ; Cut; Paste
3 Ctrl D Copies the cell contents down
4 Ctrl R Copies the cell contents to the right
5 Ctrl Enter To fill all the selected cells with text/nos./formula

Workbook Navigation

6 Ctrl PgDn Moves to the next sheet
7 Ctrl PgUp Moves to the previous sheet

Sheet Navigation & Cell(s) Selection

8 Ctrl A Selects the entire worksheet/data array depending on active cell selected
9 Ctrl Arrow key Moves to the edge of a data block; if the cell is blank, moves to the first nonblank cell
10 Shift Arrow key Expands the selection in the direction indicated (one cell at a time)
11 Ctrl Shift Arrow key Select from the active cell to the end of a row/column
12 Ctrl Shift End key Selects from the active cell to the last used cell
13 Ctrl BackSpace Navigate to the beginning of selected data (keeping the selection intact)
14 Shift Spacebar Selects the entire row(s) in the selected range
15 Ctrl Spacebar Selects the entire column(s) in the selected range

Row/Column – Add or Delete

16 Alt I C Insert Column
17 Alt I R Insert Row
18 Ctrl Shift + Displays the Insert dialog box to insert new cells/rows/columns
19 Ctrl – Displays the Delete dialog box to delete the selected cells/rows/columns

Formula Ninja

20 F4 Repeats the last command or action, if possible
21 F4 Also, used for Cell referencing ($); discussed later
22 F2 Begins editing the active cell
23 Ctrl Displays the formula in each cell instead of the resulting value [Hint: is back tick key
above the TAB key]
24 Ctrl [ and F5+Enter Navigate to precedent cells and return back [*conditions apply]
25 ALT = Auto sum
26 Ctrl A after formula
open Opens up “Function Arguments” box E.g. After writing =SUM(, press Ctrl A
27 Shift F3 Call out “Insert Function (fx)”/”Function Arguments” dialog box
28 Tab and Shift Tab Moves down / up amongst a series of tabs/boxes
29 Ctrl 1 Activates “Format cells”
30 Ctrl ; Inserts today’s date
31 Ctrl Shift 3 Changes the date format to “22-May-2015”
32 Alt H K Applies the Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus
sign (-) for negative values


33 Ctrl F2 Print Preview
34 Ctrl F1 Displays or hides the ribbon
35 Alt ; Selects visible cell from the selection

Paste Special

36 Alt, E, S, V ENTER
37 Ctrl Alt V V Enter Paste Special – Value
38 QAT

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