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Eatiko emerged out of the Malabar coast of Kerala. Fawas Kollaran came up with the idea of providing a platform for the localities to explore and experience the rich Malabar cuisine. With his experience of engaging in various business ventures in the middle east, he partnered with Mohammed Rajil who has expertise in It and communication. Together they set on building the framework that will become a trusted food delivery partner in the Malabar coast that is rapidly expanding to various parts of Kerala.

Who We Are?

We are a group of people who love traditional cuisine while at the same time love exploring exotic dishes from various parts of the world. We want to provide a platform that provides access to a multitude of food choices. We focus on local cuisine that reflects the rich heritage and diverse culture of Kerala.

Eatiko App

atiko App was developed to make it easier for people to explore local cuisine from the comfort of their homes. With the advent of the 2019 COVID-19 global pandemic, Eatiko evolved to take on the challenge and make online food delivery accessible to various cities in Kerala. Currently extending over five cities in Kerala, Eatiko focuses on expanding its reach to various other places to provide a platform for all people to enjoy the scrumptious delicacies offered by various restaurants. Now with over 50,000 users and counting, the Eatiko app has established itself with timely delivery, diverse choices, and competitive deals.

Our Delivery Partners

As an online food delivery platform, Eatiko has over 750 delivery partners in focused cities who take special care to ensure that your food arrives on time. Eatiko ensures the safety of our delivery partners and also your delicious meals with strict guidelines and rules. We are dedicated to preventing any issues and are eager to rectify any problems during delivery.

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