Know How To Do Free GPS Map Update

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Maps have played an important role in travelling since the ancient time. They were created to be accurate and provide a proper guide to the traveler. But maps had one flaw. It couldn’t predict the exact location due to which, the travelers wouldn’t know where they were, and thus it individually wasn’t that helpful. Due to this the travelers used compass like items. This helped them to determine their location. However, this system was still not that accurate. The Americans had a solution for it.GPS is a system that was first developed by the US Military for its navigation. The system then became open to the world. The system works with the help of the satellites. Many satellites work together to provide you the exact location. Initially, the system was only used it vehicles, but now, due to the development in the technology, it comes handy with many devices.

What is GPS Map?

As I have explained in the introduction a map requires a technology to make it accurate, because without that we won’t know where we are, and thus the map will be of no use. Similarly, if you only have a system that can locate you, but doesn’t have a direction on how to go, the system will also be of no use. Thus, the maps are as important as the GPS technology. The GPS maps, however, provides an accurate guide on where you are, and the area beside it. This helps you to determine the exact location and help to move further in the proper direction.

Why do GPS Maps need an Update?

GPS Maps are just like the original map. Mostly it is a pre-animated location that you see in the device. But, as we know, change is constant. Roads tend to change and thus the way to reach the destination may also change. Some of the previous roads may have been closed or there might be a road that has been made to reduce the time-limit. Thus, it is very important to update the map to get the exact location and way to reach the destination.

How to Update GPS Maps?

Updating any device is very important for its better functioning. While GPS is a free service, many companies charge some amount. This amount is later recovered when the system needs an upgrade. There are also some systems that provide this service for free. The free system can be updated freely.


Free GPS Map Update

The Free Update usually depends on the system in which you are using the GPS.

OPTION 1: If you are using Mobile Application

If you are using a mobile phone, there might be many applications in the dedicated store in your device. These applications are free and can be updated from time. All you need to do is go the dedicated application’s store and select the update option. To complete the update, you might require some data connection also.

OPTION 2: If you are using Device from companies like Garmin, TomTom, etc.

Garmin is one of those companies that produce such devices that work with the help of the GPS technology. The basic function of the device is to locate, track and provide directions for the movement. Similar are such devices from TomTom, Magellan, etc.

vGo to the Official Website

Many of these devices have an update available for free on their official website. To obtain it, all you need to do is, type in the browser’s search bar, the name of the brands with map update. For Example: Garmin Map Download or Garmin Map Update. Select the option of the official website in the search result.

vUse third-party service provider

There are websites like Free GPS Maps Update Support | MyGeoLocate. Go to these websites, add the log-in information and update the software for free. This is one of the websites. There are many of such websites available on the internet.

vDownload the Map from Outside

There are also many websites like OpenStreetMap, through which you can collect the actual street map that you want for the journey. Then, you can add this to your software for free.

Many of the software running on GPS have one-time purchase option. You can buy such software. This will provide you, the free update for lifetime. Secondly, the mobile applications are also getting better and better over GSP features. Thus, it’s best to use one of such application to get a free service with the use of internet.

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