Into the world of eCommerce platforms

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When you think of starting a fresh business, first and foremost, you need to choose the best eCommerce platform like Edifice, which helps you in long-term growth and gain scalability.


This crucial decision had various applications some of them are as follows,


  • Enables to reach customers to your brand by eliminating the friction while getting their required product or service.

  • It provides you and your employees with successful marketing strategies.

  • Protects you from additional costs.

  • When installation and maintenance while enhancing your sales growth.


Let’s have a detailed look at eCommerce platforms.


What is an eCommerce Platform?

An eCommerce platform is a complete software solution that helps to maintain online business managed by retailers. Edifice includes e-commerce services of website building, accounting and inventory management systems, customer services infrastructure, etc.


An Ecommerce Platform acts like a life jacket when you plan to set up an online business from scratch or as a plus point to an actual brick store. This article will clear all your doubts pertaining to the need for an e-commerce platform for business by enlisting its essential feature.


E-commerce platforms like Edifice provide solid eCommerce features with advanced business strategy making your business centralize its operations and beautifully enhance the business.


Uses of an e-commerce platform:


Maintaining an online store is a challenging task that includes various processes, from website building to payments and handling stocks. Software solutions help smooth management of all these processes and clear all the mess of dealing with each aspect individually.


E-commerce platform facilitates you with all the components you require in enhancing your online business without adding much difficulty to your day-to-day operations. Using an e-commerce platform is way cheaper when compared to initiation of software creation, and it is also a convenient option than using various plugins.


Here we have details of some incredible features which matter the most while choosing Edifice as the perfect fit for an eCommerce platform for your business.


Key features of an e-commerce platform

E-commerce platforms enable the efficiency of core business processes, where the businesses gain complete exposure in the digital market, which helps to reach potential customers as well. Edifice provides an e-commerce platform with the following features,

  • Managed on a single and unified platform

Avoids integration between various individual systems by providing unified e-commerce, POS, accounting, order management, inventory, marketing, customers service, merchandising, and finance on a single platform based on the cloud.

  • It provides a complete 360-degree vision.

Facilitates Personalized and prominent cross-channel experience, successful marketing, and effective customer service with the single view of all customer communication and transactions across all the channels and touchpoints.

  • Smarter management.

Elevate and develop new customer expectations for accomplishing, buying, order returning both online and in concrete stores. Helps in achieving maximum profit by providing excellent order management service by activating a single view on inventory across all the supply business chain and all the channels.

  • It delivers satisfying customer experiences.

Quickly designs unique, compelling, and personalized mobile web and concrete store experience, which helps in sorting your brand and fulfills all customer’s expectations.

  • It offers limitless expansion.

Rapidly deploys websites for various business channels, brands, models, countries, languages, and currencies, everything on a single platform.

Benefits of having an e-commerce platform for your business:

  1. Minimum costing:

Bringing your business online eliminates the requirement of a physical store, which results in minimizing fixed costs for the business. As most of the e-commerce platforms are automated, less staff is required. Marketing an e-commerce store through Edifice is relatively cost-effective when compared to promoting offline business. This is one of the crucial key benefits of an e-commerce platform for business.

      2. Secured Customer data:

Digital marketing through the eCommerce platform provides retailers access to customer data that cannot be accessed through physical store retailing. Not just the online customers give access to their name, mobile number, and email address, but it also enables us to acknowledge consumer’s behavior and data that assists online retailers to track the consumer’s record and market more efficiently.

      3. Enhance customer base:

Stepping into the digital world of online marketing through e-commerce platforms vanishes geographical boundaries. With an e-commerce platform, you can sell your products and services across the globe. You will be free from location restrictions to reach your customers. With various online touchpoints, you can reach customers from every angle across the web.

     4. Always at your service:

An eCommerce platform makes your business active 24*7 all over the year. Even when customer support is asleep, the automation enables the sales process to flow so that consumers can buy according to their convenient time. 

     5. Convenient for scaling up:

Scaling up is relatively easier through an e-commerce platform when compared to a physical store which is an obvious benefit of an e-commerce platform for business. All you need is some digital tweaks, more excellent inventory, and more storage space which is much cheaper than a physical store.


All these features and uses make e-commerce platforms by Edifice worth your investment.



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