Instagram Shadow Ban: You can now restrict your bullies from abusive comments without letting them know

Written by Arpit

Social media platforms are witnessing a lot of bullying with abusive language on people’s post. Despite companies trying several ways to block these people from posting a negative comment, bullies find one way or the other to do the same. Instagram is not alien to this and hence, is coming up with two new tools that it thinks could help members curb bullying on the online platforms.

The first feature involves the use of artificial intelligence to automatically alert members while they upload an abusive comment. The AI algorithms will read the comment and figure out whether the sentence consists of offensive words. If the algorithms find that, it will notify the member about the issue and give an option to ‘Undo’ the post while Instagram is uploading it to the server. Instagram will also send a message to the member reminding that a platform is a supportive place and it is better to avoid posting hateful content.

This method may not directly let people avoid bullying but it will remind the bullies about the same while they are posting the negative comment. This trick could work for casual users who might need a reminder regarding a hurtful comment but won’t possibly work for hardcore bullies who make new accounts just for trolling someone.

Hence, for the latter kind of bullies, Instagram is giving more power in the hands of the victims. If a member sees an abusive comment from someone on a post, he/she will now be able to Restrict the bully. In layman’s terms, it simply means that the member will be able to hide the comment from public view but won’t notify the bully of the same. Therefore, the bully can alone see his/her comment online but it will be hidden for the world. The person can also consider all comments from the bully before allowing them to be published in the comments section.

The Restrict feature will also hide the online status from the bully and won’t notify whether the person has read the Direct Message.

With these two tools, Instagram wants to make the platform a better place with less abusive content and more positive content. Instagram has now become the place to be for everyone, beating Facebook with its photo-oriented posts

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