How To Setup Your WordPress SEO Effectively

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Quality content is the key of your WordPress website. Content should be written well, not scraped from other websites and without keyword stuffing. Search engine would determine the value of your website by considering the quality of the content.

Do not forget to write content with interesting information. If possible, refreshing the website from time to time is also is a good practice that helps to improve the website rankings.

Maintain the keyword density

Keyword density is the time that a keyword is repeated within the content. The keyword density of a website would be 2 to 3 times. Including your keyword throughout the content would lead keyword stuffing. This is a negative fact with WordPress SEO. Instead adding keywords for ranking purposes, integrate it with meaningful sentences. That will be search engine friendly and interesting for the visitors to read.

Maintain the accessibility of your website

Curtail the downtimes of your website. Often down times in your website could affect the rankings. Make sure your website is accessible all the time. In addition to maintaining a text based website, include HTML codes within the texts. Search engines are more capable of reading and crawling HTML codes.

Use keywords in the Yoast title tags

Placing keyword phrases in the title of a web page help to rank and index your website for targeted keywords. A SEO friendly title tag could include approximately 74 characters.

Use a domain with similar keyword phrase

Adding your keyword phrase in the website domain is also an effective method to well optimise your website. Even if you fail to include the keyword phrase in the domain, you can include them in the URL. Search engines crawl the website URLs and allocate a value for the keyword phrases that are found in the URLs.

Add Headline tags

Using H1 and H2 tags to place tour keywords is a good technique to provide a high value to your targeted keywords. Search engines provide high priority for these keywords and help better rankings.

These are some effective components that help to boost the rankings on search engines. Follow them and make your website search engine friendly. If you are always in doubt then hire a WordPress SEO company for advice.

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