How to Rename A Printer in Windows 10

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You may be wondering how to rename a printer in Windows 10. Most users and system administrators need to perform this task when they need to manage multiple printers at home or in the office. Instant Help Zilla brings you the easiest way to accomplish this task. 


How to Rename A Printer in Windows 10—Two Easiest Methods


If you want to know how to rename a printer in Windows 10, follow this technical know-how guide from Instant Help Zilla. Ensure that you follow the steps in the order they appear. 


Rename Printer Via the Control Panel


  1. Open the Control Panel console on your Windows 10 computer. 

  2. In there, look for Hardware and Sound, and access it. 

  3. Click on Devices and Printers to find printer-related options. 

  4. You should now see all of the printers. Right-click on one printer and click on Printer Properties

  5. On the option box that follows, select General and then rename the printer. 

  6. Tap Apply to effect the changes. 

  7. Select OK to complete the process. 


Any IT maintenance personnel or in-house IT technicians can go through the above steps when they want to know how to rename a printer in Windows 10


Rename Printer Device Via the Windows Settings


  1. From the Start Menu, access the Windows 10 Settings component. 

  2. Tap where you notice the option Devices

  3. To find your printers, click on Printers & Scanners.

  4. From the list that follows, select any one of the printers. 

  5. Click on the Manage field.

  6. Visit the General tab from Printer Properties

  7. You should now change the printer name. 

  8. Click OK to complete the task after tapping Apply button. 


When you want to understand how to rename a printer in Windows 10, read the above steps to get a clear idea. 


Concluding Words


You are now aware of how to rename a printer in Windows 10. This will help you in tackling such activities in-home or office. If you want to know more about tech stuff, visit Instant Help Zilla. 

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