How to prevent electric fire

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The electric fire is one of the leading causes of a house fire and can lead to serious damage to your home or office. Electric fires can also harm your loved ones and put others injury. You can prevent electrical fires by making sure that electrical plugs, outlets, and wires are safe to use. Also, electrical equipment such as AC must be used properly and electrical wiring must be maintained in homes and offices. The maintenance of AC is a risky job so there are many AC Maintenance Dubai companies are there to take that risk. 




 Maintain power plugs, sockets, and wires 


Make sure that all power sockets are equipped and tightly into the wall.

First, check all electrical outlets at home or on the job site. Make sure the loose plugs are firmly mounted on the wall, as they can be a shock or fire danger.If you notice any broken or missing wall panels, put new wall panels in the store so that there are no wires exposed. 

  •  You should also include any stores with protective covers, especially if you have young children who will move around in space. This will prevent electric shocks and other electrical injuries


Do not operate the electrical plug.

The the third prong of the plug should not be removed so that it can be mounted on two dorsal outlets. Also, never bend or twist the pins on the plug, as this may lead to electrical hazards. 

  •  Make sure you never force the plug into the socket. Instead, hold the coveted top part of the plug tightly and push it in and out of the electrical plug. By pull the cord itself, it can wear out and increase the risk of an electrical fire. 


Replace the electrical cord that is worn or cracked

You should also check the wires in your home to make sure they are not frayed or cracked. If so, replace it with a new electrical cord. You may need to contact the device manufacturer for a replacement cable. 

  •  Also, make sure that the electrical plug is securely attached to the electrical wire. You don’t want any exposed wires or components on the plug or cable.



 Use extension cords as a temporary solution.

Extending the code for appliances and electronics with extension code may be tempting, but it’s only a temporary solution. Do not use extension cords as permanent electrical wiring for homes or offices. They can be a major electrical hazard. If you use stretched wires, make sure they have safe closures on them. This will protect young children from shock by wires.





Manufacturer’s guidelines for the safe use of household appliances and equipment.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

When using any electrical equipment or equipment, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use the products in a way that is not recommended by the manufacturer.  Also, never use defective devices in your home or office. Has it inspected by the manufacturer or a qualified electrician?


 Disconnect the small appliance if it is not in use.

You should try to get into the habit of disconnecting small appliances such as electric kettles, toasters, and hairdryers, once you use them. This saves electricity and lowers the risk of electrical fires from these appliances. All household appliances must be unplugged before cleaning. You do not want the water to come into contact with the devices while they are plugged in.


 Keep electrical wiring in your space 


Be careful with warning signs of faulty wiring.

Older homes and apartments are at increased risk of faulty wiring. You should look for any warning signs about faulty wiring in your space and make sure the wiring is checked by a skilled electrician as soon as possible. There are several warning signs, including. 


Has the electrical wiring checked by a qualified electrician? Before moving into space and consistently, check the electrical wiring in your home or office. Make sure you hire a qualified electrician to carry out the whole space inspection. 


Update electrical wiring every ten years. 

You should ensure that the electrical wiring in place is updated at least every ten years to prevent any electrical fire hazards. You need to have qualified electricians of Electrical Installation in Dubai to make small upgrades in your space and recommend additional protection like GFCI in other areas of your home. You need to make sure that the smoke alarm in your home is replaced every 10 years. Check the production date on the smoke alarm to confirm it is within ten years of age. Otherwise, replace it with a new smoke alarm.


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