How the Internet of Things Is Transforming the Fashion and Retail Industry

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The Internet of Things has come a long way. Gone are the days when this was just reserved for the geeks and tech nerds. Now, it’s almost everywhere. And one good example of that is in the fashion industry. But IoT in the fashion world is not just about trendy wearables like Google Glasses or smartwatches.

Little do people know that there are also already invisible sensors out there that are stitched on cloth fabric. These enable apparel to become interconnected with each other and notify the user about the material of the product and help detect if the product is lost. The Internet of Things makes tasks easier to do for many people. Not only does this help bring down costs in setting up tech devices that have a tracking feature. But it also keeps track of fraud in the form of RFID tags and barcodes.

A solid example of a fashion company that implements IoT is Coded Couture by IVYREVEL. It is a Swedish-based brand that is in partnership with Google to create its own app that tracks the activities of the wearer of a dress.




One of the biggest contributions of IoT to society is its health benefits. In fact, IoT is a leading role in the health sector. Smart clothing creates a huge scope for measuring and analyzing the health of a person whenever they were something that features IoT technology.

Accessories such as smartwatches are now more advanced than ever as they can now calculate heart rate and analyze sugar levels which are important for diabetes. It can also keep track of seizures and sense if they are about to happen, as well as help in improving the overall posture of a person.

Smart clothes are growing in popularity these days because now, they can already have ECF features that detect heart rate. These IoT devices then send data to the smartphone via a specialized app. This data can then be used to seek any medical help and advice.


Convenience At Its Finest

Another nice thing about IoT solutions is that it creates a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle for society as a whole. This is especially true now that smart shopping using IoT already makes the process much easier and more transparent.

Fashion shops also revolutionize shopping as we know it because they now provide users direct access to the data related to the clothes they are wearing. There are also these so-called IoT-powered packages that create customized and functional wear for the user.


The Future of Fashion

We are now living in the future. Do you remember the days when touch screen watches that let you communicate to another person from another corner of the globe seemed like science fiction?

Well, we’re done with that, because now, we have a plethora of these smartwatches, which is a product of IoT fashion. For sure, there is no doubt that pattern-altering and color-changing fabrics will be out in the market sooner or later. This will then usher in a new age of the fashion industry spearheaded by the Internet of Things.

In fact, there is already a fabric that can change colors and patterns, which was invented by fashion designer, Lauren Bowker, of The Unseen. This only shows that technological advancement is inevitable and that we will just be surprised how far we have gone in terms of our improvement in the fashion world and in the retail industry via industrial IoT in general.

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