How Infographics Can Positively Impact your SEO Rankings

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Have you heard about SEO? What does it mean? It means search engine optimization. As the time is passing, it is becoming more critical. Every year you can see around 1000 changes in the algorithms of search engines. In spite of all these changes, the priority is still given to the content. For getting a good ranking, the content plays a major role. We can say that content is always the king.

Now what are infographics and how do they affect search engine optimization? After combining textual and visual content in an appropriate manner we get infographics. They play a very good role in content marketing. An infographic is basically a content that is perfectly optimized.

Here is a detailed description of how infographics can positively impact your SEO rankings.

1. We can easily share the infographics It is very easy to share the content of infographics. It increases the popularity of your content on social media by giving measurable results. The marketers can take advantage of these results. The engagement of people in your infographics increases if you will share these. This will help in improving your rankings on the SERPs because the presence of your content on social media will be noticed by the crawlers of the search engine.

2. We can use infographics for building links of high quality An aspect of SEO that is so challenging is link building. Here you can get a lot of help from an infographic. In the search engines, the performance of an infographic that is unresearched and stand-alone can be average. You can get a lot of backlinks from an infographic that is insightful and well-designed. Whenever you want to create an infographic, do proper research over it. If it is about a specific industry or niche then it will be very good for you. The industry will give you credit as well as help in sharing your information. You can get higher ranking in the SERPs with these backlinks.

3. We can link infographics to guest posts Nowadays a large number of challenges are being faced by the guest posting industry. A lot of efforts need to be made for your content to get natural links. The reader can get a lot of value after visiting a site if it links to an infographic that is relevant and engaging. For earning backlinks to the site and promoting the content, this method is very effective and so simple.

4. We can reduce bounce-rate by using the infographics In order to decrease a website’s bounce rate, the marketers are doing a lot of experiments. However, you can make the readers stay on your website for a long time by using infographics that are compelling and attractive. In this way you can reduce your website’s bounce rate.

5. We can use Infotic technique Here you need to find out a site that ranks on the top position and is relevant to a subject of your niche. You have to thoroughly examine the content of the website and create an infographic. Give a detailed description of your infographic to the site’s webmasters via an email. Tell them that you have included each and every topic that they will like. They may take interest in the infographic. After this they will give your site a backlink. It is possible to create a large number of backlinks of high quality by using this technique.  


If you take interest in getting the services of social media news, paid search marketing, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing and social media marketing then it will be good for you to get some very good suggestions from a number of digital marketing experts. They have a lot of knowledge in all these fields and can help you out. 

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