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How to Market a Self-Publishing Book in India


Self-publishing is already on the increase and many people have been avoiding the traditional way to try, via commercial publishers, to confirm publication worthwhile and also have a big deal of self-confidence! Getting your book recognized, on the other hand, is a major challenge, and without the resources and social connections of self-book publishing in India on your side, and you can publish your book with many the self-book publishing company such as Penguin Books India, Petals PublishersWestland PublicationsKavya Publications, and APK Publishers and many more. You’ll have to perform your marketing to get your book out there! Here are a few ideas about how to accomplish it properly.


  1. Ensure seeing that your book is good. Before you begin advertising your book, you need to be confident that you are offering a quality product. Although it’s difficult, it’s important to know ahead of time if your book is worthwhile:
  • Have your friends and relatives read it and give you feedback? Have they provided you with honest and meaningful feedback?
  • Is there anything obvious that doesn’t function in regards to your book that you’ve fixed?
  • Have you had any well-known persons read your book? Consider an old university professor, a local authority in the topic on which you’ve written, a knowledgeable colleague, and so on.
  • Is the presentation incredible? Did you hire a professional designer or did you make a fantastic job on your own? Again, before proceeding, get feedback from others on the presentation of the book.
  • Is the pricing reasonable? It’s pointless to try to sell the book if the price is too high.


2.      Enquire with bookstores about selling your book on contract or commission. Grab a little more attention from local media. Join up and tell your local journalists that you have published your book with the self-book publishing in India platform as a local author. This will most likely be most successful if your novel has local aspects. It’s a good idea to have a press release ready to go for any request for a review or story about your book.

  • Do you have any contacts with journalists? Speak with them if they can assist you.
  • What about area newsletters, community bulletins, and so on? Can they assist in raising awareness?

3.      Go digitally. There are several strategies to advertise your book by using the internet world.

  • Make sure you set up a website to buy the book. Offer Paypal and any other payment methods that could be appropriate.
  • Sell copies on a well-known online marketplace. Maintain the auctions going all the time. Include the book and its contents in great description.
  • Look for bloggers to assist you. In return for a review, provide a free copy of your book. Give your guest post also, however, if the blog gives you a guest post, make sure you’re the author and are therefore likely to make sure your book is genuine!
  • Advertise your book on Facebook. You may even create a page dedicated only to the book.
  • Look for websites with a similar theme. Examine the site see if there are any places where you might be able to leave referrals to your book. Always question whether you have any doubts regarding advertising – you don’t desire a bad repute for spamming.

4.      Make contact with magazine journalists. Send a copy of your book along with your press release and review request. Like with the local media, check what angles the magazine has to offer, as this will help the journalist to evaluate whether it is useful.

  1. Use networks of friends. Ask that your colleagues read the book and then spread the message about its worth. Allow friends to bring copies of your book, press release, or posters to various events, workplaces, parties, and so on where you might be able to sell or market your book. But don’t annoy your buddies. Some people cannot bear the thought of being asked to perform anything like this. If you get those indications, don’t put too much emphasis on them. It is preferable to stay friends!
  2. Hold readings. Get to the community and take lectures from your book. This may be a wonderful approach to advertise your book, if you’re excellent with a crowd, and do not mind engaging people.
  3. Get a stall at a nearby market. This may be an excellent method of selling self-published books in India. Consider collaborating with a few other self-published writers in the region to make the stall look extremely welcoming.
  • Possessing all of your self-published books for sale.
  • Getting a wonderful display, includes press releases, as well as a willingness to engage with visitors and attract them in!



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