Do You Judge People Too Quickly?

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Do You Judge People Too Quickly? Here Are Some Facts to know before judging people

In an instance, you will say “judging people” what’s that? Who does that? Do we all get judged by others and sometimes by our own self and we judge others too but we hardly recognize that how it is affecting anyone and everyone.

Let’s take few moments to  ponder over it. First of all what is it and why do we do it???

The thing is that we all want to feel superior and better than others and the way we find to do that is by making others look inferior. This provides us with great satisfaction that at least we are then this person. The psychology behind doing this is that we keep judging our own self very harshly so in order to satisfy our own ego we start judging others what we don’t recognize is that judging others or ourselves not only demoralizes the other or oneself but shows low character value.

So now what can we do about it? To stop ourselves from indulging in this habit we have to start from our inner world. stop judging your own self it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes it’s okay to feel sad jealous bad and we angry sometimes due to various difficult situations you are in it’s okay to not look good at all the times it’s okay to be thin or fat or any size it’s okay to have any skin colour you are not entitled to any of these you are who you want to be and not what others want you to be

When you are at peace with your own self you will see that automatically start understanding others and stop judging them. Simply:

  • When someone is behaving differently instead of remarking them RUDE or ABSURD or LOST or  anything like that, just pause and think that there could be some situation with the person. Then rephrase your thought from “ how rude?” to “How may I help?” or “ Is everything good?”
  • When you see somebody with not so fancy dress pause and think , may be the financial condition is not so good or maybe it’s his/her choice. Then rephrase your thought from “ what kind of clothes he/she is wearing!” to “ irrespective of his/her clothes he/she is so comfortable and confident.” Or “ irrespective of how his/her clothes are, he/she is doing the work so well”
  • When you see somebody fat or too thin or too tall or short or dark, pause and think, did they wanted to be like that? Aren’t they struggling already by themselves withThat overweight or underweight or with the height or skin? they must be helping themselves to overcome it? So I could simply appreciate their efforts by making a simple first talk or by simply passing a smile to them or saying some kind words like you look nice this colour suits you your efforts can be seen well done etc to them
  • Before judging anyone’s character think of it that what it shows about your character.

REMEMBER  When you judge others it shows your character and not other’s.

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