Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

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Nowadays no one can imagine living life without mobile. The communication revolution has changed our world. Mobile has now become an important part of life. There is no doubt that because of mobile you stay connected with your family and friends and social interaction also remains.

Mobile has an important role in this modern lifestyle but there are disadvantages of using it. We all know that if something is used more than it can be harmful, it is something similar with mobile phones.

Many types of health problems arise from this. There are many disadvantages of keeping a mobile phone with you, which is important to know so that precaution can be taken. Through this article, we will try to know what are the disadvantages of using mobile phones.

 But there are some people which are using mobile in right way they are earn money doing blogging with their mobile then its depends what you do with your smartphone its your choices.

What are the disadvantages of using a mobile phone?

  • It can be harmful to keep 1 mobile phone near the pocket or belt. This affects electromagnetic radiation on bones and can eliminate the mineral liquid present in them.
  • 2. The amount of fluid in the brain is high and the radiation of the mobile imbalances the amount of this fluid which causes diseases and at the same time the mobile also increases impotence, the sperm can decrease by 30%.
  • 3. The radio frequency emanating from the mobile may present a risk of DNA being destroyed.
  • 4. Mobile usage should be reduced by pregnant women as its radiation can affect the fetus. This can have a negative effect on your baby’s brain and may also affect its development.

1. lack of concentration

According to the report published in the Daily Mail, a new study claims that

Heavy Internet and mobile phone users are prone to easy concentration and amnesia

It also affects airawarenessand eventually gives rise to dysfunctional mind

Apart from this, it also leads to weak meditation and meditation.

2 Tension

Parents want to give all the facilities to their children at a tender age to help them forge a right career path. They buy the most expensive and latest smartphone for their children for this, which in itself is the root of all the problems.

There is usually peer pressure on students to maintain their image. Even if they don’t want to buy an expensive mobile phone, they will do it for their friend circle

Emphasis is placed on children trying to maintain a proper communication level with parents, teachers and friends over the phone

3. low grade

Of course, the use of technology has a direct impact on education, whether positive or negative. If the teacher is using technology in the classroom, it will benefit a student. However, if a student chats on the phone for a long time, it will definitely leave a negative impact on him.

According to a report published in the Guardian, a research by Louis-Philippe Belland and Richard Murphy published by the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics stated: “Sick communication: the impact of mobile phones on student performance” Gaya said that after the banning of mobile phones by schools, there was a 6.4% improvement in the examination scores of students aged 16 years. Economists agree that this is “equivalent to adding five days to the school year”.

Why are mobile phones negatively affecting children?

  • Despite learning about the app related to education, children spend most of their time in the following activities:
  • Listen to music again and again
  • Playing mobile games
  • Chatting and calling friends
  • After social media

In short, excessive use of mobile phones is becoming a distraction for students and wasting their time. They become extinct in the virtual world to the extent that they forget all other important things

4. loss of vision

Anxiety, stress and depression are some of the problems students face due to their 24-hour relationship with friends and others. According to one study, students fail to set goals for themselves due to a mind-set.

What leads to confusion of mind? Once they start keeping their phones with them at all times, the teenagers get into a deep state of mind.

  • They don’t sleep
  • They constantly check their phones
  • Despite sleeping, They are not stressed free

5. Cyber bullying

According to a recent survey by Microsoft Corporation, India ranks third at the highest rate of cyberbullying, after China and Singapore. 7,600 children between the ages of 8–17 are victims of cyber bullying.

“What is seen as cyber bullying can occur between different cultures and even between different individuals. Also, cyber bullying, as a term, is not recognized worldwide. To address this, the study explored this issue by asking children about negative experiences.

From their point of view online – (meaning names being called, being teased, etc.). However such experiences While not perceived as bullying by all experiencing people, these behaviors may be perceived by some as potential adverse effects., “The report noted.

  • Effects of cyber bullying:
  • Rising student suicide
  • Increased aggression in students
  • Loss of confidence
  • Depression
  • Increase in student drug intake
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