COVID-19 – Health care and the future of diabetes care at drmohans best Diabetes Hospital In India

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According to a recent study at Best Diabetologist In India and so many places in accordance with COVID19, it has been found that the amount of insulin needed to effectively treat type 2 diabetes will rise by more than 20 percent worldwide over the next 12 years and Nearly 98 million people in India may have type 2 diabetes by 2030. Isn’t so horrible to say? Let’s Check out what does Dr.Mohan Diabetes Specialist in Bangalore found so many things to have a healthy life even at a pandemic.



How To Overcome Harmness of Diabetes During COVID19 and Maintain Healthy Life?

To overcome this situation, our Best Diabetes doctor in Bangalore have come and found High-tech to zero-tech diabetes treatment in India. That includes Automating insulin delivery also known to be the artificial pancreas.

Future Of Diabetes Care At Best Diabetologist in Bangalore –

With this Futuristic treatment, Diabetes Doctor Near me have designed Taking insulin pumping to the next level, an artificial pancreas is being tested that combines a continuous glucose monitor, insulin pump, and glucagon pump (should blood glucose go too low), all managed by an app on a smartphone.

The goal is to monitor your blood glucose and adjust your insulin throughout the day; products that do more so you can think less about diabetes care.


Who Is Dr.Mohan Best Diabetes doctor in Bangalore?

Dr. Mohans Diabetes Center in Bangalore or Diabetes Hospital in Bangalore situated at Gopalapuram, Chennai, was established in 1997 with Madras Diabetes Research Foundation. Over the years it has grown to be one of the largest referral centers for Diabetes, with more than 1200+ personnel. This diabetes center is recognized as an internationally known tertiary care center for referral of Diabetic patients requiring super-specialist is opinion and management.

Our Medical Services in Dr. Mohans Diabetes Clinic.


Call us for;

Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Diet, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Precision Diabetes, Insulin Management, Hypoglycemia, Eye Care, Foot Care, Cardiac Care, Kidney Care, Diabetes Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Care, Surgeries, Dental Care, Pregnancy, Fitness, Home Care, Obesity Centre, Insurance & Corporate Services, International Patients. Read more on How to cure Diabetes Type 2 here!


Why Book Diabetes Appointment With Dr.Mohan Best Diabetologist in Bangalore?

1.            India’s Most Trusted Diabetes Clinic.

2.            27+ Years of Excellence.

3.            Visible Results Type 2 Diabetes & Type 1 Diabetes.

4.            High-quality treatment.

5.            Friendly Consultation.

6.            Diabetes Diet Plan.

7.            Diabetes Expert for Stress Management, Weight Loss, Prevention Tips & Care,

8.            Fitness Guide from top Gestational Diabetes Doctor.

Diabetes Consultation for national & International Patients>>



There are limited data to date on the association with between blood glucose control and COVID-19 outcomes, and People with diabetes have been identified as being at increased risk of serious illness from COVID-19. COVID-19 also presents substantial indirect risks through disruptions in health care and lifestyle factors. As a Best Diabetologist in Bangalore understanding these risks and the best ways to mitigate them in the short and long term is key to facilitating informed decision-making during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

But studies yet have to come. Until then stay tuned.


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