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Best Places To Visit In Bali On Your Honeymoon

Bali is one of those fights where tendency mixes. Contributing energy and offering encounters to your better half is the part of a wedding excursion, and Bali offers an entire degree of exercises that you can do together. Without a doubt, regardless of whether you ought to just fortified, with the breeze in your hair and a fruity mixed prize in your hold, we propose you amass your sacks for Bali immediately. 


On the island, there are diverse spot obsessions for various kinds of exercises that you and your extra can see for a central limit. Here is a curated once-over of the best areas to visit in Bali to liven up the assessment. If you want to ask any question related to airline policy, you can dial Sunwing Airline Customer Care Number and get your answers.

  • 1. Seminyak 

Searching for a spot where you can have your security, yet feel like you’re basic for the party? Seminyak is the spot to be. A genuinely more peaceful, more refined grouping of busier Kuta, Seminyak is home to decision move club, shopping, burger joints and bistros, and rich retreats. 


Seminyak coastline, in any case sometimes storing up with adventurers, hosts a huge gathering of water sports that you can endeavor together. You can likewise place quality energy in Canggu, which is a quiet shoreline town with faint sand coastlines, two or three minutes from Seminyak. 

  • Activities:

  • Remain in an eminent house at one of Seminyak’s different lodgings 

  • Move together the night away in your own cabana at Potato Head Beach Club 

  • Worth the nightfall at the limited Tanah Lot spot of safe-haven 

  • Go horseback riding as the sun sets on Canggu coastline 

  • 2. Ubud 

A scramble of culture and workmanship, and a colossal level of importance – Ubud in Central Bali is the spot you will twist up evade from the coastlines, at any rate in the midst of verdant paddy fields, moving propensities, dumbfounding falls and maintained spots of safe house. 


It’s the ideal division to the stunning, amazing regions by the coastline, and will place you in the purpose for get-together of neighborhood culture and masterpieces. Ubud town is unimportant in any case rich, and worth a visit. Most excess pulls back are cut off from the disturbing effect, so you’re ensured that really fundamental security in a rich setting. 

  • Activities 

Take a workmanship class together 

  • Get favors as a party at the Tirtha Empul refuge 

  • Look at the typical hollows of Goa Gaja 

  • Go rising Mount Batur 

  • Welcome the sprinkles of new water at Tegenungan Waterfall 

  • 3. Uluwatu 

Uluwatu’s nightfalls and cliffside sees are five star. Made in Southern Bali, Uluwatu is peppered with evaluation. A striking zone for weddings, it has likely the most rich retreats on the island, pulled back coastlines with surprising perspectives, and sunsets you’ll everything thought about investigation. 


Since Uluwatu is truly disposed of the focal pioneer zones, security is a given here. Startlingly, there are assorted amazing bistros inside the territory, so you won’t need to wander strangely far from your retreat. 

  • Activities 

  • Catch the dusk at Uluwatu Temple 

Development up on the coastlines of Padang, Balangan and Suluban, or have a go at surfing 

  • 4. Nusa Dua 


Long sandy stretches of huge sand and completely clear waters mark the coastline of Nusa Dua, other than the silly lodgings and resorts by the sea shores. It’s an objective that is taken out from the parties and is astonishing if the quiet of Bali is what you’re searching for. 


The coastlines are stunning with usually hardly any individuals and there are amazing superb first night resorts in and around the locale. Working conditions are regularly pulled back, making it a guaranteed incredible spot for honeymooners. 

  • Activities: 

  • Attempt water sports at Tanjung Benoa 

  • Swim on Nusa Dua coastline 

  • Swim at Geger coastline and visit Geger spot of safe house 

  • Appraisal the heaven that is Pandawa coastline 

  • Win in a brand name void with a nostalgic setting on Samabe coastline 

  • 5. Jimbaran 


Slow and focal, Jimbaran sound lets you respect the beast of Bali. You can deal with your own check in this little fishing town, which is home to the most thoroughly dazzling sea shores on the island. 


The coastline of Jimbaran is wrinkled with brand name limestone fakes that overwhelm the sea shores. You can loosen up on the coastline as the sun goes down, with a dazzling dinner before you. 


  • Get an airborne perspective on the coastline from Rock Bar or Unique Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa 

  • Eat up new fish at the food bounces along Jimbaran coastline 

  • Take a riding exercise on Bingin or Dreamland coastline



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