Best lithium battery Manufacturers 2021. Lithium battery is the first choice, read on to know why?

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A lithium battery is a rechargeable battery in which lithium ions travel from the negative electrode all the way through an electrolyte to the positive electrode for the period of discharge, and back after charging.


Lithium battery price: Lithium battery are generally used these days to power gadgets including MP3 players, vehicle locks, thermometers, lasers, , and they are easily available and are fully  differ from conventional batteries in that they have a high charge density and a significant unit price.


How Lithium battery is helpful for solar system?

Lithium-Ion batteries authorize equipping solar or winding “off-grid” power stations, replacing the legacy banks of lead-acid batteries. Lithium battery has a life span finely greater than the lead-acid batteries (more than 1500 cycles at 90% depth of discharge) Footprint and weights 2-3 times lesser than lead-acid.


Do you know why Lithium battery for inverter is a much better option?

Charging time within 2 -4 hours only

Nil/No maintenance

Self-discharge rate – 5% for every month @ 25˚C

Advanced AH Efficiency – 100%


 Do you know about the life span of solar lithium Battery?

Solar lithium battery very last around 10 and 15 years.


Manufactures of Best Lithium Battery in India, 2021?

1 Loom Solar

Loom solar

Loom Solar is a rising sparkling energy company in India having a vast online presence. Loom solar is a bulky seller of solar panels and other components and plans to expand its footprint in the lithium battery technology as well.

2 Tesla

Tesla is a clean energy company in the U.S. The company merchandise portfolio that consist electric cars, battery energy storage, solar products and services. It is positioned among the five major battery companies in the world.

3 LG

LG is the No. 1 lithium ion battery manufacturer by capacity worldwide .It is making well-built inroads in lithium battery manufacturing and is setting up huge developed capacities worldwide.


CATL is the second leading battery manufacturer in the world and ranks no 1 battery producer in China. The company plans to open mega factories in the future to support increasing universal demand.

5 Panasonic

Panasonic ranks No.1 in Japan. This company stands out as a superior chance to achieve in the battery market as it has strong ties with Tesla.


Latest Lithium battery price in India


Batteries Models                             Price all Inclusive


6 Ah / 75 WH                                                                 1,875


12 Ah / 150 WH                                                             3,750


20 Ah / 250 WH                                                             6,250


30 Ah / 385 WH                                                             9,625


40 Ah / 500 WH                                                           12,500


80 Ah / 1,000 WH                                                       25,000

80 Ah / 2,000 WH                                                      50,000



The worth of a lithium battery is measured in kWh, at the present time; the price of a 1 kWh battery is 25,000 which come in 80 Ah /12.8 Volt ratings .The price of a Lithium Battery is almost two times higher than a lead-acid battery but it’s totally worthy buying it.


What is the price of 12v Lithium Battery?

It costs approximately 897.00.


Do you know about Batteries Model of Lithium batteries?

There are numerous of batteries model available in the market some of which are mentioned below-

Model Name/Number: RV Lithium

Model Name- 3.7V 18650 Hongli 1200 MAH

Model Name- ATC48-24

Model Name- VTC5A

Model Name- CMICR18650F8M6

Model Name -OEM

Model Name/Number-LOOMB001

Model Name -LITHUM 15 AH


Do you know about the best lithium battery?

Battle Born LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries are finest as every battery is versatile, rewarding and easy to install and you can also use them for other off-grid or off-road purposes, including, golf carts and boats.


Are you familiar with 12 volt 40 ah lithium battery?

12-volt 40ah lithium battery is professional and fast-charging battery. Lithium batteries deliver additional energy for high consumption than usual lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries also have to be maintained. If they are not maintained correctly, their life span is reduced where as lithium batteries need no maintenance, a one-time buy guarantees better life span. The RB40 is appropriate in numerous outdoor applications where lighter load and capacity is the key. It’s universally used applications like fishing electronics, robotics, solar lights, remote power, outdoor journeys etc.


Are you familiar with 40ah lithium battery?

This lithium battery is very good for home and shops

Loom Solar has developed Lithium batteries for DC application, Street lights and Home lighting system, 40 Ah / 500 watt hour lithium battery comes with many quality and 3 years warranty. 

The Lithium battery cells used in this battery are also used in Electrical vehicles such as car, motor bike and Mobile battery etc. 

It has many advantages including

1) Faster charging – battery gets charged 100% in just 2-4 hours

2) It is safeguarding free

3)  Longer life span – Compared to Lead acid and SMF, Lithium battery has 2,000 cyclic life which translates in 10 years useable life.

4) Light bulk – the weight of a lithium battery is 1/4th of other similar batteries such as SMF, lead acid batteries.


Do you know about 4.8kwh lithium battery?

 4.8kWh battery system can easily power your Television ,fridge including your kitchen and living room lights for approximately 10 hours which is a longer period . It has multiple benefits which include faster charging – battery gets charged 100% in just 2-4 hours. Definitely it is maintenance free .It has longer life – Compared to Lead acid and SMF, Lithium battery has 2,000 cyclic lives It is very much light weighted – the weight of a lithium battery is 1/4th of other comparable batteries for example SMF, lead acid batteries.


 Loom Solar has industrialized high capacity Lithium batteries for Home Inverter, 100 Ah / 4.8 watt hour lithium battery comes with loads of features and 3 years of warranty period. This power storage space runs everything such as various lights up and about to 500 watts, several selling fans, 8- 10, Home and Kitchen Appliances such as, Water Motor, Geyser, Grinder, Juicer Machine, and countless more up to the power of 4800 Watts.Lithium battery is newest technology item for consumption in battery storage market, it has many reward every individual should have them.

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