Benefits of Advanced Laser Treatments

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When we are looking for a power correction these are the three

important things that a patient is looking for


  • safe 

  • good vision 

  • comfortable


As far as safety is concerned the blade LASIK has certain complications with regards to the flap making procedure. In both Femto LASIK and smile, these procedures are safe and are devoid of any major complications


Second in terms of visual outcomes again both Femto LASIK and smile give comparable visual outcomes and give you very good and very quick visual recovery.


In terms of comfort is where there is a small amount of difference now in our cornea we get a lot of nerves coming from the periphery of the cornea

which produces the sensations which then give us stimulus for tear production in our eyes. When we are creating a flap we are making a 320-degree semicircular cut and therefore these nerves are cut along the periphery. These nerves are cut they will grow back in some time after the laser procedure but during that time we may have a low degree of dryness and therefore be dependent more on the use of lubricating eye drops whereas in the smile we are just making a 30 degree cut in comparison to the 320-degree semicircular cut which is made in LASIK because it is just a small 30-degree cut. 


The nerves are cut only along that side and the remaining nerves remain intact and therefore the amount of dryness produced by the procedure is very very less therefore the comfort is much more superior in a smile as compared to any other procedure

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