Artificial Intelligence and It’s Facts

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we answer that let’s look at these terms individually what do you understand by the term artificial well it can be anything that is made by humans things that are not natural and what do you understand by intelligence it is the ability to understand think and learn so what do we get when we combine these two together artificial intelligence is a broad area of computer science that makes machine seem like they have human intelligence the goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and create systems that can function intelligently and independently.

They say that the age of AI is here butthen you might be wondering why don’t you see flying cars or robotic maidsbringing you lunch why doesn’t your life look more like the Jetsonswell for starters that’s a cartoon and when it comes to AI a robot is nothingmore than a shell concealing what’s actually used to power the technology AIcan manifest itself in many different ways if you have ever asked Alexa toorder your food or browse Netflix movie suggestions you are actually interactingwith AI without realizing it and that’s kind of the point a is designed so youdo not realize that there is a machine calling the shots in the near future.

AI is expected to become a little less artificial and a lot more intelligent asAI becomes more intelligent it will obviously take on the role of an intelligent worker while most of the repetitive and largely time-oriented tasks can be automated using AI we will still need human experts who can build and maintain these synthetic BOTS and work on the strategic and creative aspects of a job so in conclusion AI is a boon that can help optimize any job this means that as always it’s not AI versus humans rather it is a combination of humans and AI versus the actual problem statement so what are you waiting for pull up your socks and get ready to be apart of this AI revolution start learning this trending technology using Itronix Solution’s expertly curated courses, until next time happy learning!

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