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Apple iPhone 12 cameras to have better autofocus, periscope cameras arriving in 2022 iPhones

Thanks to new alliances Apple has formed with two new manufacturers, iPhone 12 will have substantially improved cameras. In addition, the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted Apple could integrate periscope cameras into its 2022 iPhone lineup. The TF Securities analyst has noted in his report that Apple will join hands with top camera lens suppliers in China and South Korea, Semco and Sunny Optical, respectively, to update the iPhone cameras. Although Apple plans to use a periscope camera on future iPhone models to boost the zooming capability, the iPhone 12 this year is said to feature Semco ‘s lens that will upgrade the lens mechanism to provide better autofocus.

Kuo indicated that Apple will benefit from the new vendors as the alliance helps the business led by Tim Cook minimize costs and boost market competition. Semco and Sunny Optical are major names in their respective countries and will bear fruit for both industries through their partnership with Apple.

Per Kuo ‘s note, Apple will go for Semco’s ball-based voice coil motor as opposed to the spring-based iPhone 12 design to enable better autofocus delivery. It’s predicted that the same technology will be introduced on all four iPhone 12 versions.

Semco is also known to develop the iPhone’s periscope camera lenses, which Apple is expected to be out in 2022 sometime. A periscope camera would make it easier for Apple to get rid of big camera bumps from behind. Instead, a periscope camera’s architecture is designed such that the manufacturer uses the vertical space internally available for the iPhone to provide telephotography.

Some recent smartphones have periscope cameras on them, such as Realme X3 SuperZoom, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the Oppo Find X2 Pro. If you’d like to learn more about periscope cameras, here’s our guide to explain when and why periscope cameras should be used.

Apple is expected to launch four versions for this year’s iPhone. The iPhone 12 will come in a 5.4-inch screen model , two 6.1-inch screen versions and a top-notch 6.7-inch model with the ‘Max’ name, according to numerous leaks and sources.

According to a Bloomberg article, the last two premium versions, the 6.1-inch OLED display and the 6.7-inch iPhone Max will both house a triple-camera system with the LiDAR deep-sensing sensor. For the iPhone 12 the design will also change slightly, some sources have indicated citing the mock-ups and cases designed for the iPhone 12.


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