A Shopper’s Guide for the Best Electric Shaver

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In the recent past, a beard for men meant, a streak of facial hair connecting the two sideburns and running over the chin. The minimum or maximum that one could or would do, was to determine the length of hair in ones beard, or how much space to spread it upon ones face, according to one’s personal choice. There were bushy beards, less bushy beards, a more or less thin line of a beard etc. The options were not really more open. The fact of the matter was, the tools for the job meant a pair of scissors and a shaky hand to carry out any kind of trimming work.

It is clear; the task was not at all an easy one, the resultant look and factor, even more disappointing. One had to further bear up with the more often than not, nicks and cuts left behind.Yet, and as should be, the ideas of facial and head grooming have evolved. People are now definitely becoming more adventuresome, trying out new styles better suited to oneself. The problem did arise, of suitable gadgets in the market, to carry out successfully, ones whims and fancies in the art of hair grooming. Actually there were not too many options.

Thankfully, pertaining to the changing needs and desires of us humans, as on date, there is an array of men’s head shavers, face shavers, hair clippers and trimmers, women’s shavers, along with a vast amount of features and choice of accessories. The problem, if one can call it that, is to be able to hone in on the right brand of shavers. We here, have tried to ease this predicament for your benefit and correct buying, with some tips on what to look out for.

1)    Multi Functional.

Today’s Beard Shavers are not only restricted to shaving beards, but are also multi-faceted. There are gadgets available in the market, which can do complete justice to hairy areas such as the head, chest, beard or any other part of the body having unwanted hair. Obviously, the options on these gadgets are more and functionally too such as the best electric shavers in India.

2)    Wet and dry Shaver.

One has the option of both a wet and dry shaving experience, at ones will. Dry shaves are preferable to some with a certain kind of skin condition. It is also beneficial for persons on hurried time. Wet shave is for people desiring a more relaxed and comforting shave and definitely a finer one.

3)    Battery time.

This is a factor close to the heart of persons who are engaged in frequent travelling and seemingly living off suitcases. The battery therefore needs to be more powerful and easier and faster to recharge. Also it is for the benefit of persons who need more flexibility, when and where to shave.


To further assist a buyer, a study was conducted amongst various brands, and their gadgets and utilities, and based on reviews online, the reputation of the brands in question and a close comparison of the features and capabilities of the products; we were able to narrow it down to the brand Skull Shaver which is also known as the best electric shaver for men in India.

 The conclusion was drawn, based on certain criteria pertaining to overall customer satisfaction and value for money.

Hope we have been effectively able to answer the many questions that we anticipated, may have risen in your mind. You can now buy your Electric Shaver without a seconds doubt.

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