A Brief Guide of Wenzhou University to Study MBBS in China

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Wenzhou University (WZU) is located in Wenzhou, an economically developed coastal city. It is known as one of the most outstanding universities in Zhejiang Province and is a higher education institution in the medical field. In addition to medicine, it also participates in developing other disciplines, such as art, technology, science, management, law, and education. Also, it also offers doctorate and master’s degrees. Over the years, WZU’s (Wenzhou University) success rate has continued to increase, and it ranks first among the top 100 medical schools for MBBS in China.

Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) has three campuses with about 1,900 acres, located in Dongtou District, Chashan Road, and Xueyuan Road. The library contains approximately 12, 80,000 educational books.

It has more than 11,900 full-time students and 8,000 professionals dedicated to strengthening research and program development. It is also affiliated with 17 hospitals and 62 famous overseas academic institutions. WZU (Wenzhou University) actively participates in promoting the exchange plan and has now become the largest educational institution for overseas students in Zhanjiang Province.

History of the University

The history of WZU (Wenzhou University) can be traced back to 1912 when the university was founded in Hangzhou as Zhejiang Professional Medical College. In 1958, a team of faculty members was sent to Wenzhou Medical College. In 2013, the institute was renamed Wenzhou University (WZU). In 2015, the Ministry of Education selected WZU (Wenzhou University) as a joint development university. By 2017, it was recognized as a priority university.

Advantages and Facts of the University

  1. There are many benefits of studying at WZU (Wenzhou University), not only for locals but also for overseas applicants. Some of them are
  2. WZU (Wenzhou University) has award-winning scientific research results.
  3. The development direction of the school is to develop postgraduate education for a variety of medical disciplines actively.
  4. It has a postdoctoral research station for clinical medicine.
  5. All clinical medicine graduates who have taken the national medical qualification examination are among the country’s top 10%.
  6. Students can choose to do the final year internship in their home country, thereby saving tuition fees.
  7. The university celebrates cultural festivals, sports events, and other public events that encourage tradition and spirit every year.
  8. Wenzhou University (WZU) has about 66 student associations, of which 12 have a credit system, 4 have provincial associations and several other municipal outstanding associations.
  9. Courses are taught in English to facilitate international students’ understanding.
  10. The School of International Studies offers two undergraduate courses for overseas students – MBBS and BDS bachelor’s degree.
  11. It helps to teach Mandarin-a common global emerging language.
  12. Statistics of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) show that there are 12,500 under-graduates, 2,900 post-graduates, and 700 international students enrolled.
  13. It has enrolled more than 450 overseas students from more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  14. It has four campuses, fifteen schools, and five affiliated hospitals. It has 31 research centers, 6 journals, and 10 key laboratories.
  15. It has more than 10,000 faculty and medical staff, including 1,600 medical professionals dedicated to teaching quality education.
  16. It also has 19 non-directly affiliated hospitals nationwide, as well as the first and second affiliated hospitals, affiliated eye hospitals, and affiliated dental hospitals.
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