7 Peperomia Plants Online for Cleaner Environment

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How To Take Care Of The Indoor Peperomia Plant

The level of intoxicants is increasing day by day in the cities/towns. Also, the quality of the breathing air is getting worse in the metropolitan cities. These factors have led to chronic health issues among human beings and other living things. To check the intoxicant in the surrounding atmosphere and for breathing fresh air plant peperomia in your home.

The Peperomia Plant is one of the beautiful tropical plants that have thick and fleshy leaves. This flora is useful for reducing the level of carbon dioxide and other pollutants (like benzene, nitrogen dioxide) in the surroundings. So this unique quality makes peperomia a highly demanded indoor plant among the people. If you are planning to buy this shrub then here are the things that you must know about this beautiful plant.

1.Area Required

Most varieties of Peperomia tend to be growing slowly and short. Usually, this shrub grows between the height of 30 cm (1 foot) to 60 cm (2 feet). The mature spread of this plant is approximately 20cm to 30 cm. This makes peperomia an ideal plant for indoor planting. Nevertheless, unlike other florae, this shrub need not be repotted frequently.  


One needs to water the Peperomia plant in an appropriate manner. Overwatering is one reason for the early death of any indoor plant. Similarly, it is the scenario in the case of Peperomia. People unknowingly tend to kill it with an extra filling of water in the pot. It is suggestible to water this plant when 1-2 inches of soil becomes dry.

3.Requirement of Sunlight

Sunlight is another important aspect for the healthy growth of this plant. The ideal place for Peperomia is at the window side facing east or west. But it is significant to make sure that during summer due to excess sunlight, leaves are not scorched. It is even suggestible to keep the plant in between medium to low light rather than facing the direct sun during summers. This shrub can also grow under fluorescent lighting.

4.Soil To Be Used

Water needs to be drained properly and so it is important to have a well-draining pot mix. The soil is composed of peat moss, loam will be an ideal one. You can also prefer any other soil mixture that will help in the proper draining of the water. If the drainage pattern fails then it will result in the excess stagnant amount of water in the container that is not good for the plant.

5.Requirement of Humidity For Peperomia Plant

Generally, it is considered that the peperomia plant requires a high amount of humidity. However, this is not the case with these plants. Most varieties of peperomia have succulent characteristics to their leaves. So peperomia can tolerate a low level of humidity and infrequent watering up to a level. These characteristics make peperomia unique from other indoor plants that require high humidity. Thicker leaf denotes the level of lower toleration towards the humidity. Henceforth it is considerable to pick the peperomia plant with thicker and more succulent leaves. 

5.Repotting of Peperomia

Repotting is not necessary for Peperomia. It can remain stable and harm-free in the existing pot itself. However, it is good to repot the plant after 2-3 years to avoid the pot becoming too compacted. Prepare the new pot with an ideal potting mix up to the half level of the container. Then gently take off the Peperomia from the old pot and transfer it to a new pot. After it adds the remaining pot mix to surrounding the plant.

6.Need Of Fertilizer

Peperomia requires a limited amount of fertilizer. So if you wish for the healthy growth of this plant and add fertilizer frequently, then it will have negative impacts. The addition of one nutrient and deficiency of others will keep your plant unhappy and unhealthy. So use only a fair amount of fertilizer for this plant. It is suggestible to use 10-10-10 water-soluble fertilizer per month during the growing period.

Wrapping Up


The above-mentioned are the things that you must know and take care of the peperomia plant. You can find this lovely plant in most floral portals at the best rate. Buy this pot set for yourself or gift it to someone dear and near one on a special occasion for keeping them happy and healthy. It not only adds beauty to the place but will help to breathe toxic-free air.    

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