7 Key Advantages Of Availing Thai Massage

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Thai massage is well-known throughout the world as a form of therapeutic touch. This to a great extent differs from traditional massage therapy. This massage is not confined to any massage table. Therapists now give Thai massage on the table but the traditional medium is a mat. The therapist manipulates the body for organ stimulation and to improve flexibility. This is a significant component of traditional Thai medicine. It also works on the energy pathways like Chinese medicine. These energy pathways are famous with the name of sen.

Different Terminologies For Thai Massage:

In Thailand, Thai Massage Greenwich is famous with a different name.  Its famous name in Thailand is “Nuad bo-rarn.” Here the word Nuad means “massage” and the word Bo-rarn means “ancient.” This name was derived because of being an ancient massage of Thailand. Some of them give it as an “ancient healing way.” 

Background Of Thai Massage:

Most of this massage history is not available. So, it is also a mystery for historians. Without evidence, historians say it is centuries old. Almost all historians agree that it started 2500 years ago. The person responsible for its origin is “Shivago Komarpaj.” He is famous throughout Asia with the attribute of “Father Doctor.” He was a colleague of Buddha. He was a source of spreading traditional medical practices throughout South Asia. Due to foreign influence, it becomes a popular health tradition. It becomes a mixture of yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine. 

Why Do We Declare It Different From Other Kinds Of Massage?

Most therapists use their hands to manipulate muscles. This process is a part of all kinds of massage therapies. Only sometimes therapists use objects to relax and manipulate muscles. In other massage therapies, you lay down on the massage table switching between face down and up. But in Thai massage clients mostly lie on a floor mat. You only have to wear loose clothes for this massage. There is no risk of breaching one’s privacy. 

In Thai massage, therapists move your limbs around for joint stretching. Also, move key areas of the body. The purpose is to remove hurdles which are influencing energy flow in the body. 

Key Advantages Of The Thai Massage:

Here we will have a look at scientifically-backed key benefits of massage. These benefits are the major reason for its popularity today. 

  1. ROM (Range Of Motion) Gets Better:

Thai massage is a combination of the following techniques:

  • Compression 

  • Acupressure

  • Passive stretching

This is a source of increasing range of motion between joints and muscles. This benefit results in improved posture. 

  1. Effective For Back Pain:

Thai massage specifically focuses on those areas that cause back pain. The most common causes of back pain are the inner thigh and abdomen. But in constant back pain having massage therapy is not a good idea. You should visit a doctor first for proper medication. 

  1. Intensity Of Headache Gets Reduce:

9 sessions of Thai massage in 3 weeks reduces headaches. This fact is backed up by research. People who have migraines also experience the same headache. 

  1. Lowers Stress Level To A Great Extent:

Many studies have proved the effectiveness of Thai massage against stress. This is more effective if we take plenty of rest. 

  1. Beneficial For Stroke Patients:

Stroke patients who daily get Thai massage recover better to do daily activities. This was demonstrated by a study conducted in 2012.  Patients also sleep better and feel less pain than others. 

  1. Improve Sleep Patterns:

The quality of sleep has a significant impact on mental health. Almost every person is facing sleep problems. Health experts have declared the rules of proper sleep. But the increased intensity of stress won’t let it follow that. Stress is not the sole cause of that issue. The excess usage of mobile phones and laptops are also a reason for it. 

Massage therapy induces relaxation in the mind which helps in getting better sleep. You don’t only have to follow the required hours of sleep. The relaxation of the mind during sleep also matters. Our mind relaxes when the production of happy hormones increases in the body. This happens by having Thai massage therapy. 

  1. Improve Mindfulness:

The focused full diaphragmatic breathing will reduce the sympathetic nervous system. This increases the parasympathetic nervous system. It increases the circulation system and relaxes muscles and the mind. Massage therapy releases all the stress you are feeling out of your mind and body. This helps in focusing on the present. You become well aware of your feelings while the therapist manipulates body tissues. It is a good source of maintaining healthy cortisol levels in the body. 

Risk Associated With Thai Massage:

Every kind of massage has some risks relevant to specific situations. Similarly, Thai Massage Greenwich despite various benefits offers some risks. 

  • This kind of massage can cause changes in your heart rate. For healthy people, this isn’t an issue. But for people who are heart patients, it can be risky. 

  • There is a small risk of bone and muscle injury due to rough Thai massage.

However, most people don’t believe that Thai massage can be harmful. But make sure to visit a licensed therapist. This will eliminate the risk of any injury from Thai massage. The issuance of licenses has different requirements in different states. The most common is to complete 500 hours of training for getting a license. Their training hours depict that they have the essential knowledge to treat you better. Health experts consider them resourceful for improving overall well-being. 

In A Nutshell:

Thai massage is so popular because of being different from others. It doesn’t target specific body parts of the body. It improves the flow of energy for overall well-being. Meridian Spa offers ancient Thai massage treatment from licensed therapists. People prefer Thai massage because of its numerous benefits. Some of them are also explained in this article. This massage therapy is one of the most ancient ones. Now science has also accepted its effectiveness against human well-being.

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