5 Makeup Products You Need For Perfect Smokey Eyes

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Whether you want to create a classic or glamorous look, smokey eyes are the best option to adorn your eyes with. If you have followed every step right but failed to create the captivating smokey eye look. Get ready with your best baby pink matte lipstick, and read on to discover essential makeup products you need for perfect smokey eyes.

5 Makeup Products You Need For Perfect Smokey Eyes 


Smokeys eyes highlight your eyes. Therefore always use baby pink or nude shade on your lips. And, for giving your smokey eye a perfect base & making it last longer and fresh. Look through the best makeup products for creating smokey eyes.

  1. Eye Primer 

Primer works as a protective shield on the skin, retains moisture, and keeps makeup long-lasting. In addition to that, eye primer provides a smooth canvas to create gorgeous smokey eyes.


Make sure you moisturize your skin beforehand and choose an eye primer according to your skin & needs. There is a wide range of eye primers available, some help to provide intense moisture, some give you a matte finish, and some work best for hiding pigmentation on eyelids so that you can get rich-eye shadow color.


So, choose the one that works right for your skin type & requirement. Apply the primer on the skin, and jump on the next process.

  1. Under Eyes Concealer 

Even the amazing dexterity can fail, if dark circles are there to make you look tired, sick, and unappealing. Well! Dark circles can be hidden instantly by using concealers for eyes.


As other makeup products, different formulas & features are also available in under-eye concealers. And, for creating the awesome smokey eye look. It’s important to use a concealer that matches your skin color & tone, keep your skin hydrating & moisturizing, hide dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.


Plus, you can also select concealers for eyes from the wide range of coverage and staying capacity. For smoky eyes, high cover, 12 hours above staying power, and moisturizing concealer work best. 


Moreover, if dark circles are too intense. Concealer alone won’t help, for concealing those deep dark circles, you need to use a color corrector in red-pink, yellow and orange color.


Worry not! If it’s not available or you want to squander your hard-earned money on this. You can use your red lipstick as a color corrector. All you need to do is, make a downfaced triangle with red lip color, smudge it, and apply the undereye concealer, blend nicely to disappear your dark circles.

  1. Black Matte Eye Shadow 

For creating deep smokey eyes, black matte eye shadow works wonderfully. First, it will provide an intense pigmentation with a matte finish, second, easy to blend, and at last gentle on your skin.


But, the concern is, eye shadows tend to fade away, smudges, and meltdowns can ruin your overall look. Well, you can escape from the tragedy by looking for the eyeshadow formula that feels smooth, blends well, and provides rich pigmentation.


Besides, if you’re under the category of fair to light skin tone and desire to have a soft smokey eyes look. You can also go for gray & brown shades in eye shadows. 

  1. Black Kajal ( Kohl )

Kajal is an essential part of makeup products you need for perfect smoky eyes. For creating a classic & soft smokey eye look kohl works best. 


You just got to line your upper & lower lash line along the edge and smudge the smoke out using a smudging or eye shadow brush.


Neglect glossy finish kohl, and hunt for kohl that glides softly on the skin, leaves intense dark pigment and stays on your eye for 24 hours without smudging or fading off.


Above mentioned traits of a kajal surely will help you to get perfect smokey eyes to look at, but removing smudge-proof kajal harshly can darken & damage the eye area. 


So, use coconut oil or castor oil saturated in a cotton pad to remove the stubborn kajal from the eyes. And, if you feel a burning sensation in your eyes after removing kajal, immediately, put rose water drops & close your eyes for 5-7 minutes.


  1. Volumizing Mascara 

Bigger, fuller and curly eyelashes are essential for creating a bold smokey eye look. If you want a more captivating smokey eye look for parties, you can also go with fake eyelashes. It’s available in various sizes to choose from for helping you to create desired smokey eyes look.


And, if you want a dramatic look without fake eyelashes, search for a mascara that has an intense dark color, water-proof formula, a nice eye curling applicator, and provides super glossy finish to your eyelashes.


Conclusion: Smokey eyes have become a symbol of glamorous. From Influencers to celebrities every woman is crazy after the smokey eye look. Therefore, we have compiled 5 makeup products you need for perfect smokey eyes. So, get your hands on these smokey eyes essentials and flaunt your gorgeous smokey eyes.

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