5 Interesting Facts About The San Francisco 49ers

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Shockingly, we can’t discuss the San Francisco 49ers game Live as Super Bowl Champions, as they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. The otherworldly ride from the group that was 4-12 out of 2018 reached a conclusion as they blew an important lead. Kyle Shanahan unmistakably has attempted to keep up leads in the Super Bowl. 

San Francisco 49ers depth chart: Projecting starters and reserves

So what now? We talk about some astonishing realities about the 2019 NFC Champions. Despite the fact that they probably won’t be Super Bowl Champions, it’s still acceptable to commend them. By commending them, we can examine various realities about them that may amaze you for the positive or negative. 


The 49ers are a noteworthy establishment that has a ton of history, including five Super Bowl rings. In 2019 alone the group hit some notable achievements on their incredible run. With as great of a safeguard and run game as they have, this won’t be the final appearance ever to be made by the San Francisco 49ers game.

1. Highest Rate Of Pre-Snap Motion This Season At 68.7%


Creativity helps offenses move down the field, and Kyle Shanahan certainly played around with this offense. The 49ers led the league in pre-snap motion, with 68.7%. That’s a lot of motion before the ball is snapped. It also helps spread the ball as defensive players get confused or lose their guy which leads them to fall out of place.

2. 49ers Have Not Won A Super Bowl Since 1995


What are the odds that the last time the San Francisco 49ers won a Super Bowl was 1995 in Miami? Well, they had a chance to overcome those odds once again in Miami. The 49ers live stream did have a Super Bowl appearance in 2013 but lost. Unfortunately, they lost their second Super Bowl ever again, extending their time without a Super Bowl victory.

3. Robbie Gould’s 54-Yard Field Goal Versus Packers Was Longest In 49ers’ Postseason History


Two weeks ago against the Packers, Robbie Gould made history with the longest field goal in 49ers’ playoff history. It was a 54-yard field goal, which shows how strong of a leg he has. It might not seem super impressive, but think about the historic playoff runs the 49ers have had.

4. Mostert’s 226 Scrimmage Yards Against Packers Are Most Ever In Conference Championship Game


Raheem Mostert played on six teams his first two seasons but looks to finally have found himself a home in San Francisco. His iconic performance in the NFC Championship Game helped lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl. His 226 scrimmage yards were actually the most ever by a player in a Conference Championship Game.

5. They Have Rushed For The Most Rushing Yards On Average In Playoff History


Prior to the Super Bowl, the 49ers were averaging the most rushing yards per attempt in NFL history. That tandem of Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Matt Breida and Jeff Wilson Jr. is really hard to stop. They’re all so dynamic and having those fresh sets of legs on the sidelines makes them really difficult to slow down.


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