3 key features of an employment pass in Singapore

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3 key features of an employment pass in Singapore

Are you thinking of going abroad to find better job opportunities? If so, a country that you should aim to go to is Singapore. Singapore is considered Southeast Asia’s business centre. That is because there are plenty of big and successful companies emerging in the said country. In addition, Singapore has a stable economy which means that people are paid a high salary compared to other countries for the same job. If you want to work in a country like this, you should apply for a work visa, specifically, the employment pass Singapore visa.

The employment pass or E Pass is a common and high-regarded work visa in Singapore. It is issued to highly-skilled workers including managers, directors, and specialists. Although this employment visa is only tied to one employer, you can always re-apply should you change jobs or employers. Many foreigners aim to qualify for the E Pass. In this article, we will discuss the three key features of an employment pass Singapore visa.

Allowed to work and travel in Singapore

The main feature of the E Pass employment visa is that the holder can work in Singapore under a single employer. This work visa is valid for two years and can be renewed. If you decide to renew your employment pass Singapore visa, you will get up to three more years of validity. Thus, you will be allowed to work in Singapore for as many years as you prefer.

Another great advantage of being an E Pass holder is that you can easily travel in and out of the country. Unlike other employment visa permits, you will be required to apply for entry visas. However, an entry visa is not needed if you are an employment pass Singapore holder.

The only thing that weighs down an E Pass candidate is that they cannot apply for this work visa on their own. They need a Singapore employer to apply for their pass on their behalf. In addition, they cannot work for others while having this visa. If they wish to work for another company, that company should apply for their visa on their behalf and cancel the existing employment pass Singapore card. However, as long as you have a Singapore employer to sponsor you, you will not have any problems with the application and retention of your E Pass employment visa.

No quota restrictions and levy payment

Several employment visa permits in Singapore require the employer to follow the quota for foreign employment acceptance. If this is their first time to hire foreigners, they need to declare their business activities for quota calculation purposes. In the case of an S Pass, a company can hire S Pass holders up to 13% of their total workforce if they are in the services sector. For other sectors, they are only allowed to have 20% S Pass holders in their workforce.

Those employers that exceed the quota can only do two things. They can either increase their local workforce or remove their foreign workers. However, that is not the case with employment pass Singapore holders. That is because they are not included in the quota requirement.

Furthermore, employers who hire E Pass employment visa holders are not required to pay the levy rates. A foreign worker levy is the pricing mechanism that regulates the number of foreign employees permitted to work in Singapore. A Singaporean employer must pay the levy per foreign worker starting from when their work visa was issued and ends when it expires. However, no levy is paid if the employer gets an employment pass Singapore holder to work for them. That is why employers prefer E Pass holders over other work pass holders.

Apply for Singapore permanent residency

Another key feature of being an E Pass employment visa holder is that you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Those E Pass holders that have worked for many years in Singapore are the most qualified to become a Singapore permanent resident. Furthermore, being eligible to be a permanent resident signifies that you will, later on, be qualified to become a Singaporean citizen. That is why those who want to live in Singapore for the rest of their lives will start as an employment pass Singapore holder.


Work in Singapore

The employment pass Singapore visa is only one of the many work passes issued to foreign workers. There are several more work visas that you can apply for should you not meet the eligibility requirements of the E Pass. Whichever employment visa you will apply for, make sure that you are doing it the correct way. This is so you won’t have any problems and just prepare yourself for working in Singapore.

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