3 Cities for Your Destination Wedding in India

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Here are 3 best cities which you can choose for a destination wedding in India. Getting married is, without a doubt, one of the happiest days in everyone’s life. It’s the time when you and your partner can look forward to a new beginning together. And what better way to freeze that special moment in time than to choose a beautiful destination for the wedding.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to find a place that will make your big day even more special. Everything you need to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable can be found in India itself – from sunny beaches and scenic mountains to lavish palaces, ancient forts, and grand hotels.


For weddings inspired by the royal, there may be more popular choices than Jaipur. Brimming with Your Majesty, a rich city of architecture is considered one of the best wedding destinations in India with some amazing wedding venues. The best wedding planners in Jaipur can plan various functions to keep guests and families entertained throughout the wedding.


Udaipur is one of the most optimistic and popular wedding locations in India. Known as ‘Kashmir Rajasthan’, it is a peaceful and romantic oasis with palaces, lakes, and fortresses. Udaipur is the right choice for couples who dream of making their great and luxurious special days. From Sangeet, Mehendi, local music to Boho-style brunch, wedding planners in Udaipur can provide different themes for every day, complete with planning clothes. The best destination wedding in Udaipur can be best for you.


Like other Metro in India, Hyderabad has many beautiful gardens and luxury hotels. In ‘Nawabs City’, what is better than marriage in the style of ‘Nawabi’? Planners can set regal celebrations in a palace with large rituals, extraordinary decorations for various functions, and not forget music and many dancing. The couple can enjoy a luxury wedding theme on the lawn, garden, or banquet room.


Enjoy marriage with cousins ​​and family members from all over the world on one of the best wedding destinations in India. Discuss everything with planners before falling on one knee to bring up the important question to your lover, “Will you marry me?”

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