10 Great YouTube Videos for Your Next Presentation

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The internet is a vast library of information. One place to mine for nuggets of wisdom is YouTube, where there are videos on just about any subject imaginable. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to dress or present yourself in public, or want some inspiration for your next presentation, it’s easy to find the perfect video with a quick search.

The best way to present a speech or formal presentation is with great content and visuals. You can’t always have the time to create your own video, so there are plenty of sources on YouTube that you can find for free! Whether it’s an animated cartoon intro or a PowerPoint with animation, this list will show you some of the best videos from around the web.
A presentation is your chance to share your ideas, experiences and knowledge with a group of people. When giving a presentation, it’s important to have an engaging beginning that helps build the audience’s attention on what you’re about to say. Here at Icfth you can check out great youtube videos for your presentation.

  1. “How to Give a Killer Presentation”
    I’ve been to a lot of presentations in my life. Some have been good, others not so much. And I can’t tell you how many times I wished the presenter had done some things differently. But that’s all changed now! Because today, I’m going to share with you what is literally guaranteed to make your presentation awesome! If you’re presenting in front of an audience, it’s important to know how to avoid making a bad impression. You may be the best presenter in the world, but if your presentation is boring and unengaging then nobody will care about what you have to say.
  2. “Tips for Giving an Effective Presentation”
    We’re all familiar with the fear that comes when we think about presenting in front of a group. But fret not! With these simple tips, you’ll be ready to wow your audience with an amazing presentation. Whether you’re giving a speech at school, work or for an event, these tips will help you deliver and knock it out of the park!
    Some people are natural public speakers who seem to have no problem speaking in front of crowds. For those who struggle with this task, there are ways to prepare yourself and make your presentation effective. The first thing is knowing exactly what point you want to get across before anything else; it’s important that people come away from your talk understanding what message you were trying convey throughout the whole thing .
  3. “Presenting with Confidence and Style”
    If you’re looking to improve your public speaking skills and have a little fun, try this: make up a persona for yourself, dress like them, and then give a presentation as that person. This is something I learned from my time in the theatre department at college. You can be an old grandmother who needs to tell her grandchildren about all of the adventures she’s had in life or a construction worker giving advice on safety while working with heavy machinery. The possibilities are endless. Plus it will help you feel more comfortable speaking out loud before an audience so when it comes time for your next big speech or presentation there won’t be any surprises!
  4. “Mastering the Art of Public Speaking”
    Public speaking is a skill that takes time and practice to master. This article will give you some tips on how to become better at public speaking. First, you should remember that your presentation should be about an idea or topic, not just about yourself. Second, make sure you start off with an engaging opening statement so the audience knows what they are in for when listening to your talk. Third, speak slowly and clearly so people can understand what you are saying without having to strain their ears too much. Last but not least, always have a strong closing statement because it will leave the audience wanting more of whatever it was that made them feel engaged by your speech in the first place!
  5. “How to Prepare for Your Next Speech or Presentation”
    There are a variety of ways to prepare for your next speech or presentation. One way is by practicing, and another way is by doing research on the topic you will be speaking about. But if you want to have a successful speech or presentation, then you need to also take care of yourself before the event! So what does that mean? There are some things we can do before the day of our big event to help us feel more confident and less anxious: meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga classes, eating healthy food (or at least avoiding junk food), spending time with friends who make us happy – these all work great for me!
  6. “Tips on how to give a great presentation in English as a second language (ESL)”
    Presentations are an essential part of life in the modern era. We give presentations for all kinds of reasons: school, work, family gatherings, and more. If you’re not a native English speaker, it can be hard to know how to present confidently and skillfully in English. It’s not easy being a student and having to give presentations in English as a second language.
    Presenting in English as a second language (ESL) can be tough. It is important to know your audience and the message you want to convey. This blog post will provide some tips on how to give a great presentation, even if English is not your first language.
    Here are some guidelines for giving an ESL presentation:
    ● Don’t use idioms or slang words that might confuse your listeners;- avoid using contractions, such as “don’t” and “won’t;”
    ● think about what content is most important and present it first;
    ● try to keep sentences short so people don’t get confused trying to follow them;
    ● make sure there’s plenty of time for questions at the end of the talk.
  7. “How to give an Effective 10 Minute Presentation”
    If you have ever been in the position of giving a presentation, I’m sure you know that it can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you want to make your point clear and concise, but also entertaining enough so that people will actually listen. With 10 minutes being the average time for a typical presentation, it is critical to get your message across as effectively as possible and make an impact on the audience before they are distracted by their phones or thoughts. In this blog post, I am going to share some tips on how to give an effective 10 minute presentation.
    Presentation Tips:
    1) Proofread your slides and don’t use any more than one font size
    2) Keep content relevant
    3) Have a strong opening
  8. “Presenting in a Foreign Language? Here’s How to Talk without Fear!”
    Presenting in a foreign language can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to know the basics of how to talk and then you’ll be ready for anything! Here are some tips from our blog on how to prepare yourself before your next presentation.
    One of the best things about presenting in a different language is that people will take you more seriously because they don’t understand what you’re saying. This means that there’s less room for people not listening or being distracted by what other people around them might say. If someone does ask you something that seems rude, just shrug it off and keep going with your speech as if nothing happened. Knowing this beforehand will help make sure both parties are happy throughout the presentation.
  9. “Be More Than Just A Good Presenter, Be an Engaging Speaker!”
    You have to be more than just a good presenter, you also need to be an engaging speaker. Presenters are often only judged on the content they give during their presentation and not how well they connect with their audience. This blog post is going to teach you how to engage your audience in order for them to remember and retain what you say.
    A speaker’s ability to speak or present does not always determine whether or not people will listen or believe what he/she says. The most important thing that determines if people will listen is the way a speaker makes his/her listeners feel about him/herself and the topic of discussion. A speaker can make listeners feel either connected, engaged, entertained, bored, etc.

10.”Awesome Public Speaking Skills: The Basics of Communication”
Public speaking is a tough gig. Whether you’re presenting to your boss, giving a speech in front of the whole school or just talking about what you did over the weekend at dinner with friends, it’s hard not to sweat bullets. But there are some techniques that can really help take the edge off and make you feel more confident as well as persuasive. Public speaking can be a daunting task. It’s natural to get nervous, especially if you’re new to the game.

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