10 Email Marketing Tips To Get The Best Results

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Do you think that your emails are getting lost somewhere in your customer’s inbox? Or you are sending emails which are generally floated to their spam folder? Or worst, your email reaches the person; however, they don’t actually click and open.

No Issues, We’ve got your back! Below are some email marketing tips for a small and growing business.

  1. Keep Subject Line Mobile Friendly

More than 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices and thus creating a mobile-friendly email, is no longer a good thing, but a must-have. Things you can do for creating email mobile-friendly subject line:

  1. You should measure the subject line.
  2. Avoid heavily image-based emails.
  3. Keep the email short and concise.
  4. Test email on multiple devices
  1. Focus on Engagement

Most marketers focus on short term goals for their business, and one of the most significant barriers for marketers is to increase engagement rates for long term goal. You should focus on building a permanent relationship with your subscribers. Create engaging content and provide a unique value to the customer’s online experience. Don’t forget, engagement is the key to drive good returns from email campaigns. To master the engagement strategies, you can take an online digital marketing course.

  1. Use Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping is the maximum no of emails that a user can receive. If the limit is reached, the user will no longer receive emails.

You don’t want to receive that welcome mailer, a promotional and, a cart recovery email from a single brand in a day. Avoid over emailing to your subscribers by using the frequency capping feature which allows limiting the number of mailers your subscriber will receive during a specific time. Set the value to the desired number

  1. Do Regular Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing is a way to figure out which of the two campaigns is the most effective regarding the opens and clicks. In A/B testing, you set up two variations of a single campaign and send them to a small percentage of your target audience. You can decide the results via an open rate or click rate.

The more you test, the more quickly you will analyze the pattern and better you will be able to mould your email strategy. Remember, to avoid using your gut thought and rely on the data. Some of the elements you should test:

  • Subject Line
  • From Line
  • Preview Text
  • Email Copy
  • Call to Action Text

For more specific results, test one element at a time.

  1. Maintain Your Email List

It is one of the most essential digital marketing tips for email success. You need to continually work on your email list to remove the wrong addresses which affect your reputation and overall deliverability. Usually, marketers focus on growing their email list and forget to eliminate the addresses which are not relevant. You should focus on landing your email to the inboxes rather than increasing the list.

Here is how you can maintain and create a unique email list segments:

  • Segment email list based on the interest and background
  • Do not send the same message to every segmented list.
  • Optimize your email opt-in confirmation process in which subscribers need to click on a confirmation link they receive on their email. ( You can know who want to be on your relevant email list).
  • Plan and send emails at the best times for most click and open.
  • Make new subscribers feel welcome.
  • Let subscribers choose the frequency.
  • Keep your list clean.
  • Re-engage or eliminate old contacts.
  • Make unsubscribing easy.
  • Never consider buying lists.
  1. Add Alt-Text To Images And Buttons

Alternative Text is a phrase or a word which can be inserted as an attribute in HTML document to tell viewers the context of an image or a button. It helps:

  • in providing the context to the images which cant load.
  • the visually impaired to identify an image.
  • in giving a relevant boost to your email by optimizing the alt text with a target keyword.
  1. Use Double Open Strategy

A double open strategy is a technique to send emails more than once to people who didn’t open your first email. It is a better way to drive more revenue from email campaigns.

You should resend the same email to users who at first didn’t open your email, but with a different subject line. Here is how you should work on this strategy:

  • Optimize the preheader text.
  • Create a catchy subject line which captivates non-openers to open your email.
  • Wait for three to five days before you send the different email.
  • Look closely to your send time.
  1. Use Cliffhanger

A cliffhanger is an exciting, dramatic or incomplete ending to an episode of a serial, leaving the viewers anxious to know about the next event.

In terms of email, a cliffhanger is a fantastic trick that can hook your subscribers with your subject line. It ultimately drives them to know more about your email. Your subject lines should be not standard and should be compelled to open the emails.

Remember, no to always use this technique as it may irritate your subscribers.

  1. Make Use Of Preheader Text

Also known as preview text, is the text which appears after the subject line. Usually, this is the space filled by copy from the email itself, if you haven’t added a text explicitly. Leaving it blank to be loaded automatically is no good strategy for your emails.

Here are some tips:

  • Add more specifics and tease an offer.
  • Include additional information about your email content
  • Ask a question or generate curiosity.
  1. Make Your CTA Buttons Context-Specific

Last but not least, your CTA buttons are the ones which will bring you clicks. You should create an attractive CTA which can encourage subscribers to call on your subscriber.

Instead of using common phrases – Shop Now or Click here, come up with something which creates an interest a little bit more.

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