10 Aromatic Flowers Known For Their Fragrance Worldwide

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10 Aromatic Flowers Known For Their Fragrance Worldwide

Does it ever happen with you that an old memory is triggered by a fragrance? It does happen, right? Moreover, if you have a special corner for flowers in your heart, then it might not be easy for you to resist beautiful flowers. My mom always gets attracted towards any flower she sees at any place, wondering if she could get it for her personal garden too. Yea, brown mothers are mostly like that.

Apart from this, these beautiful flowers come in a wide variety. Nature has provided us with an abundance of flowers. Each flower has a unique fragrance and quality. When youorder flowers online for your loved ones, they bloom nothing less than flowers. However, there are few flowers that are majorly known for their fragrance. Let’s take a short tour of these aromatic flowers:

  1. Sweet Asylum: This flower is just as unique as its name is. The best thing about this flower is that it is easy to grow. The seeds are easily sown directly in the soil. It starts blooming as an early spring flower.
  2. Wisteria: This beautiful flower is mainly found in countries like the U.S, Japan, China, and Korea, and comes in colors like purple, white, and pink. The flower is also known to have a resemblance to a cluster of grapes. Widely known for its fragrance of a sweet, pleasant smell. Among its species, it is the Chinese Wisteria that produces the most pleasant smell.
  3. Frangipani: This flower is a tropical flower and is found in South American countries, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, etc. Also, the fragrance of these flowers gets intense at night time.
  4. Chocolate Cosmos: These gorgeous flowers are reddish-brown in color. Interestingly, they smell like vanilla resembling somewhat chocolate candies. Warning: No matter how tempting they smell, do not taste it since they are poisonous in nature.
  5. Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea, a spring flower, is primarily known for its strong fragrance. Also, they have been cultivated for more than 300 years. These are found in various shades such as pink, yellow, red, and white.
  6. Lily: Petty pink and white flowers having a bell-shaped appearance. These are easy to plant in the garden. They appear fragile but are tough in nature. Get online flower delivery in Gurgaon at your home if you wish to get this flower in your own garden.
  7. Gardenia: These flowers bloom in the wake of summers. It is a waxy, white, and thick flower that blooms out of shrubs. This flower has inspired many big perfume brands such as Marc Jacobs Eau De Perfume and Chanel’s Gardenia. Isn’t it impressive? Indeed it is.
  8. Heliotrope:

   This purple beauty is known for its almond scent. Also, it’s fragrance  also matches with cherry pie. It flourishes throughout the summers and gives your garden a perfect as well.


These flowers are best known as one of the best indoor flowers. They have a very pleasant aroma and their uncanny beauty which makes them very preferable for keeping in your bedroom or your office cabin. Then, this flower comes in yellow, purple, pink, red, and white in color. This flower also blooms from spring to the fall of the summer season.


This flower is known for its fragrance, and it’s beautiful blooms as well. Upon crushing its leaves, the flower releases oil and scent at the same time. It is observed that the scent of the flower sometimes resembles the smell of apricot, lemon, apple, mint, and strawberry.

So, these ten beautiful flowers are just apt to be gifted to your loved ones and can make the recipient’s day super special. Also, flowers are apt to make anyone’s mind peaceful and can get them rid of stress and depression easily. So, send flowers online to someone whom you want to cheer up. Flowers will also convey your love and affection towards your loved ones easily. I am sure if you are an introvert person, then let the flowers do the talking. Get close to your loved ones with flowers and fill the aroma of flowers in your relationship. Such relationships have a longer life span as compared to others. So, go ahead and pick the most vibrant and recommended flowers online.

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